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Premium Grade - CBD Dog Chews

Premium Grade - CBD Dog Chews

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Indulge your beloved pet in the pinnacle of care with our Bacon Beef Premium Grade CBD Dog Chews. Each carefully crafted chew contains 2mg of high-quality CBD from Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract, promising a symphony of wellness benefits for your furry friend. This pet-friendly formula harnesses the holistic properties of CBD, offering a complementary approach to your dog’s daily health regimen.

Active Ingredient with a Purpose: Our chews are powered by Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract, embracing the full array of hemp’s natural compounds without any THC. Regular use can help maintain calmness, support joint health, and manage normal stress, giving your pet a soothing embrace from the inside out.

Premium Inactive Ingredients for Palatability and Health:

  • Natural Flavors: Beef liver and natural bacon flavor make our chews irresistible to even the pickiest of pals.
  • Health-conscious Additives: Brewer's yeast for a healthy coat, flax oil for skin and joint care, and a blend of sunflower lecithin and sweet potato powder to support digestion.

Safety and Satisfaction: Our commitment to your pet’s wellbeing is reflected in our meticulous selection of ingredients. Non-GMO and produced from USA-grown hemp, these chews are as safe as they are effective.

Directions for Use: Simple and straightforward – one chew per 10 pounds of body weight, 1-2 times per day. This regimen can effortlessly fit into your pet’s daily routine.

Delight your four-legged companion with the savory taste of Bacon Beef and the restorative power of CBD. Trust in the holistic journey towards a more vibrant, joyful life for your pet with our Premium Grade CBD Dog Chews.

Place your trust in our brand and give your pet the gift of tranquility and comfort. Add to your cart today and step into a world where your pet’s wellness is always our top priority.

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