Why Our Parents Use CBD

Why Our Parents Use CBD

Our parents are flocking to CBD in droves. It makes sense, though. Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, is advertised around the world as a new-age pain therapy treatment, touting aid for a wide variety of ailments.

Who could better profit from such a supplement than our aging parents?

This is not to say that I’m not a little bit confused, at least when it comes to my own family. I never once thought my parents would jump so willingly aboard the CBD bandwagon. I’m a young 20-something and my parents are in their 60s, so we’ve shared differences of opinion when it comes to cannabis in general.

Our parents also come from a generation with different institutionalized beliefs. Attending college in the 1980s, my parents were exposed to a set of generational ideologies:

  • Business is the basis of society
  • Money drives business
  • Government regulates money
  • Cannabis is largely associated with hippy movements that oppose structuralized government and business

So the fact that our parents have backed the institution of CBD is representative of the turning tides in American society. This means, for all intents and purposes, that cannabis is entering a new era, one where full legalization and FDA regulation of CBD are all but guaranteed.


Governmental factors aside, cannabidiol can have a wonderful impact on our parents. From where I sit, CBD allows me to go about my day without worry or anxiety, and CBD-infused topicals allow me to experience pain relief when I need it — which isn’t all that often for a 20-something.

For my parents, it’s an entirely different story.

“We take CBD because everything in our bodies hurt,” said Jennifer, my mom. She was speaking for both herself and my father. Both of my parents have undergone major surgeries in the last year and struggle every day with chronic pain, insomnia, sometimes even heart palpitations. But they are still very active individuals. “We need constant relief but with something that still lets us function.”

This may be the greatest argument driving parents to CBD: cannabidiol is non-psychoactive in nature and has observed to possess few — if any — side effects. It does not cause a high in users, allowing parents to function at normal capacity while still receiving purported health benefits.

Further research is needed to fully understand how CBD plays into all of these treatments, but the more research we’re presented as a society, the more we tend to believe in the effectiveness of cannabidiol.

Plus, research is only one side of the equation. User reports, anecdotal or not, can be just as important for understanding how CBD benefits our parents.

“I use CBD for joint pain, arthritic knees, hands, elbows, ankles. It makes the pain bearable,” said Mike, the father of our customer service representative here at CBD Choice. “I used to take 800 milligrams of ibuprofen every four hours of every day, just to get through the day. CBD is taking the edge off. I actually took CBD today and was planning on taking an ibuprofen just out of habit, but then I realized I didn’t even need the ibuprofen.”


Our parents have different needs and are often using CBD for specific purposes. “CBD muscle rollers hit right on the spot I need it and I don’t have to get product all over my hands,” said Judy, mother of CBD Choice’s customer liaison. “You get the exact amount you need with the roller.”

Parents can be particular. Changing their routines can also be difficult, especially when it comes to self-care. Once you’ve done something a specific way for so long, changing to something new — say, CBD — can be awkward.

So what are the best products for our parents?

  • CBD TINCTURES: Flavored with something mild like mint or lemon, CBD oil tinctures are a great way for parents to receive everyday relief. They are extremely easy to use and allow parents to get the most from CBD treatment. Tinctures also allow parents to add CBD to food or drinks for seamless ingestion.
  • CBD CAPSULES: Capsules are pre-dosed and can be easily swallowed, making them an optimum product for parents everywhere. You’ll never have to fuss with measuring out your own doses and you’ll never have to deal with obscure ingestion methods. Just swallow and you’re done, easy as that.
  • CBD TOPICALS: Topicals allow for targeted pain relief and can be administered directly to areas of the body that are experiencing the most pain, inflammation, or soreness. For someone with arthritic ailments, CBD topicals can access specific areas of the body that need the most relief. Topicals come in any number of forms, from roll-on gels to salves to balms, so parents can pick the product they like best and easily access the potential pain-relieving benefits of cannabidiol.
  • CBD EDIBLES: Who doesn’t love a good candy every now and again? My parents sure do. And CBD edibles allow our parents to scarf down a delicious treat while simultaneously harnessing the many benefits of cannabidiol. There’s no hassle. Plus, CBD edibles can be eaten anytime, any place, and are discreet enough to bring to work. 


As a child to ideologically young opinions, I never thought my parents and I would agree on anything cannabis-related. CBD changed that. And with furthered CBD education comes furthered cannabis education. Members of older generations are beginning to see the many potential therapeutic benefits that the plant can offer to humanity.

Parents can benefit greatly from this natural compound, especially in a world so wrought by prescriptions with undesirable side effects. After my parents underwent their surgical procedures — one of them surviving a major heart surgery — it was almost required of them to take some kind of pain-relieving substance.

CBD was not what the doctor ordered for my parents, but rather what Mother Nature supplied instead. I hope to see this trend of cannabidiol treatment continue throughout the likes of our society. We want our parents to live long and healthy lives, and with CBD, they may be able to cope with the immense bodily changes that come with age.

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