What Sets Purekana Apart

What Sets Purekana Apart

In the CBD world, there is no shortage of manufacturers trying to stake their claim and make a name for themselves. But when it comes to an impeccable reputation, enjoyable and effective products, and transparency, few manufacturers can match PureKana, a veritable titan of the industry.

If you spend a bit of time looking into PureKana, reviews will show the overwhelmingly positive impression that PureKana has made on the community, both here at CBD Choice and elsewhere. And there’s a good reason for that. From their manufacturing practices to their community outreach to their innovative and delicious CBD offerings, PureKana simply does it right.

In this article, we’ll cover a bit of what makes PureKana so special and why so many in the CBD Choice community turn to PureKana products as their preferred CBD wellness tools. From their contributions to the industry to our community’s favorite PureKana products, we’ll help unpack what’s made PureKana such a standout choice for CBD users everywhere.

PureKana: A Legacy of Quality, Innovation, and Education

Since their founding in 2017, PureKana has worked tirelessly to become one of the best-respected and most innovative CBD manufacturers in the industry. Their fame is well-deserved, based around not only the highest quality CBD products but on their extensive efforts to reach the hearts and minds of the public, swaying public opinion and bringing knowledge of CBD’s great potential to help and heal.

PureKana Products: Highly Concentrated, Highly Enjoyable

PureKana products are some of the most impressive and enjoyable on the market. With a wide range of potency options and an impressive array of genuinely delightful flavors, it’s no wonder that so many users, new and old, have made PureKana products their first choice for quality CBD treatment.

Users’ PureKana reviews regularly identify PureKana’s delicious, even inspired flavors as being one of the brand’s chief draws. Particularly for users who dislike the rich, earthy taste of natural hemp, the powerfully delicious allure of PureKana’s Vanilla, Citrus, and (utterly irresistible) “Fruity” flavored tinctures offer a perfect entree into enjoyable CBD wellness treatment.

What’s more, PureKana CBD products are made from some of the purest, highest-quality hemp around! All PureKana products are made from 100% organically-grown hemp, cultivated in hand-selected Kentucky farms. Considering the cost and care required for organic farming, that’s no easy feat, and it’s a testament to the level of craft, quality, and dedication that goes into each and every one of PureKana’s CBD-infused masterpieces. And beyond their hemp, PureKana uses only non-GMO ingredients, so you can be sure you’re getting only the healthiest, most natural CBD-infused offerings possible.

While all of the products you’ll find at CBD Choice are held to the industry’s highest standards, PureKana, in short, takes it to the next level. From their simply delicious flavors and products to their peerless dedication to the highest quality ingredients, this is a company that does it right. Take a look at PureKana reviews, and you’ll see almost nothing but praise for this paragon of the CBD industry.

PureKana Products: Focused on Quality, not Quantity

PureKana’s origins, ethos, and quality standards certainly set them apart — but do PureKana products deliver the quality, enjoyable experience to keep users coming back?


Take a look at the PureKana product line-up. You may not find the widest variety of products, but there’s a good reason for that: PureKana focuses on quality, not quantity.

Each PureKana CBD oil, vape, topical, capsule, and pet product is extensively tested, rigorously refined, and revised until it reaches a state of near CBD perfection. Although you might not love every PureKana CBD flavor, we guarantee that there are a few that will positively sing for you (see our favorites in the next section of this article!)

So what does PureKana offer? Enough to keep any user satisfied, regardless of how they enjoy their CBD wellness regimen!

PureKana CBD Oil Tinctures

As with most CBD companies, PureKana’s CBD oil tinctures are the stars of their product line-up.

PureKana’s CBD oils are made with a potent full spectrum CBD extract. That means that they’ll deliver a full-bodied entourage effect, which is the result of hemp’s many therapeutic compounds working together, synergizing to create a product that is greater than the sum of its parts. For fans of hemp’s full therapeutic potential, accept no substitutes: full spectrum extracts like this are simply the top shelf offering.

And because their CBD comes only from organically-grown hemp, you can be sure that it contains nothing but the purest, most naturally effective compounds from any hemp extract in town!

PureKana’s CBD oil flavors may not sound like much, but PureKana reviews speak for themselves: these are some of the tastiest tinctures you’ll find anywhere! PureKana CBD oils are available in the following flavors:

PureKana CBD Edibles

Who doesn’t love delicious CBD gummies?? PureKana’s CBD edible offerings don’t have much in the way of variety — in fact, they only make one CBD edible product! But oh, boy, is it a good one.

Take a look at the PureKana reviews for these PureKana Vegan CBD Gummies, and you’ll see nothing but praise. From the quality ingredients to the immaculate flavors, these are one of the CBD Choice community’s favorites!

PureKana CBD Topicals

PureKana’s CBD-infused topicals are primarily aimed towards those with an active lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean that others are excluded from the CBD goodness!

Like most PureKana products, the offerings here are far from numerous, but cover the most essential bases for CBD pain relief perfectly!

Whether you’re dealing with aches and pains from the gym or the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, PureKana’s highly-reviewed CBD topicals are great for taking the edge off.

PureKana CBD Pet Products

People aren’t the only ones who enjoy an enjoyable, top-quality CBD treatment — though, when it comes to pet products, perhaps “CBD treat” is more appropriate!

PureKana brings the same exacting standards for quality ingredients and rigorous testing to their PureKana pet products. Unfortunately, PureKana hasn’t branched out into the world of cat treats yet, but dog owners everywhere will be delighted by each of the following offerings:

What are CBD Choice’s Favorite PureKana Products?

The PureKana products you love best will, of course, come down to personal taste. But as for us at CBD Choice? We’ve definitely got a few favorites of our own!

Here are a handful of PureKana products that we at CBD Choice just can’t get enough of:

PureKana Fruity CBD Oil Tincture

PureKana Fruity Pebbz CBD Oil 1000mgThe name may have changed, but the utterly irresistible taste of this sugary-sweet fruit tincture is still simple perfection.

Until recently, PureKana Fruity CBD Oil Tincture was marketed as “Fruity Pebbz”, an allusion to a popular breakfast cereal that gives a better preview of this delicious taste than the ambiguous “fruity”.

Of all the CBD tinctures in our go-to rotation, this is one that several of our employees enjoy the most. It’s unique, delicious, and delivers a dose of delightful childhood nostalgia with every use. This, truly, turns every CBD treatment into a treat.

PureKana CBD Mentholated Ointment

PureKana Mentholated Topical OintmentWe’ve more than a few gym rats in the office. While there’s some disagreement about which CBD topical is best for workout recovery, PureKana CBD Mentholated Ointment often makes the shortlist.

This is a straightforward, simple, and fast-acting topical solution that delivers targeted relief where and when it’s needed most. It’s at a reasonable price point for the volume you get, and a little bit will keep you feeling refreshed and take the edge off your workout for hours to come.

PureKana Reviews, In Closing

So what sets PureKana apart? Quality, transparency, a dedication to the highest standards for ingredients and testing, and community outreach that has built their (well-deserved) reputation as paragons of the industry.

While we at CBD Choice proudly stand by the quality of all of our carefully-curated CBD products, PureKana’s quality offerings are some of our standout favorites. Check out our customers’ PureKana reviews, and you’ll see that we’re not the only ones who think that way! Simply put, PureKana is a CBD company that does it right.

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