What Are Terpenes Used For?

What Are Terpenes Used For?

Terpenes are the sticky, crystal trichomes in the hemp plant that give various plants their unique aromas. But, what are terpenes used for? There are many different uses for terpene uses beyond just providing a plant its scent. Once you understand the unique differences among strains, you can select CBD products that help you meet your wellness goals.

The Complexity of the Hemp Plant

While CBD is one of the most prominent components in the hemp plant’s biological makeup, there are plenty of others, including fatty acids, flavonoids, cannabinoids, chlorophyll, oils, and more. Terpenes are the molecules that give different strains their signature aromas and their corresponding effects.

Terpenes are often used to determine the flavor profile of a specific strain of cannabis because of these aromas. Specific terpenes make for great aromatherapeutic ingredients. In fact, terpenes are not specific to cannabis! That’s right: most terpenes can be found throughout the plant world. Linalool, for example, accounts for the lavender plant’s famous scent but can also be found in a variety of hemp strains that then become aromatic CBD products.

Common Terpenes

Different hemp strains produce different effects. If asking yourself, what are terpenes used for, just remember that it’s not all scent! Some terpenes can be more stimulating, while others can have a more relaxing effect. Some are better for reducing anxiety, and some are better for reducing chronic pain. That’s where each terpene’s use comes into play.

Say you were looking for a CBD product to help you elevate your mood. Terpene limonene is known for producing mood-lifting effects, allowing you to seek out a product that contains the limonene terpene.

Here are some of the most common terpenes uses, as well as their corresponding effects. Once you understand what are terpenes used for, you can comprehend how they benefit CBD products. It’s also important to remember that these are just some of the terpenes present in the world of cannabis. In fact, there exist over 20,000 terpenes in the entire world! Cannabis is known for about 100 terpenes in particular, but here are some of the most popular.


  • Scent/Flavor: floral, chamomile
  • Effect: antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-irritant, analgesic


  • Scent/Flavor: menthol
  • Effect: anti-anxiety, insecticide


  • Scent/Flavor: musky, earthy, fir, woody
  • Effect: antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, known to lower cholesterol


  • Scent/Flavor: sweet, woody, spicy, peppery
  • Effect: analgesic, anti-inflammatory


  • Scent/Flavor: sweet, musky, fir
  • Effect: anti-fluids (for example: reduces mucus, watery eyes, etc.)


  • Scent/Flavor: spicy, minty
  • Effect: anti-anxiety, analgesic, known to increase circulation


  • Scent/Flavor: rose, fruity, lemon, tobacco
  • Effect: antioxidant, neuroprotectant


  • Scent/Flavor: hoppy
  • Effect: antibacterial, antifungal


  • Scent/Flavor: citrus, lemon, orange
  • Effect: anti-anxiety, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory


  • Scent/Flavor: floral, citrus
  • Effect: anti-anxiety, anticonvulsant, antidepressant, anti-inflammatory


  • Scent/Flavor: earthy, musky
  • Effect: anti-anxiety, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory


  • Scent/Flavor: woody, citrus, floral, fruity
  • Effect: antioxidant, antiparasitic, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial


  • Scent/Flavor: herbal, earthy, sweet, citrus
  • Effect: antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant, antiseptic, decongestant

Pinene (a.k.a. “a-Pinene”)

  • Scent/Flavor: fresh, pine
  • Effect: antiseptic, expectorant, anti-asthma, known to increase alertness


  • Scent/Flavor: floral, citrus, lime
  • Effect: anti-anxiety


  • Scent/Flavor: citrus, floral, pine, fresh
  • Effect: anti-anxiety


  • Scent/Flavor: citrus, orange
  • Effect: insecticide

The Entourage Effect

Are you still asking yourself what are terpenes used for? Let’s look at something called the entourage effect to further explain these interesting, aromatic plant constituents. Essentially, terpenes produce what is commonly referred to as the “entourage effect,” meaning that the various components in the hemp plant combine to create synergistic benefits.

In other words, taking pure CBD without terpenes may produce different results than taking a full-spectrum blend that includes all of those extra ingredients in the hemp plant (aside from THC). Scientists have yet to conclude whether or not the entourage effect is “better” than a pure CBD treatment, but one thing is for certain: if you take pure CBD oil that does not contain terpenes, you are not receiving the benefits of those terpenes.

Selecting the Right Products

Although different terpenes do have different uses, there are a variety of other factors to keep in mind when deciding which CBD product to use. Edibles, oils, vape juices, and CBD tinctures may all produce varying effects. The potency of the product you use also makes a big difference. If you take an edible containing 10mg of CBD, you’ll have a much different experience than if you were to use a CBD tincture that contains 30mg of CBD per serving. Additionally, everyone’s body chemistry is unique, so results may vary.

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