Top Athletes Using CBD — And Why

Top Athletes Using CBD — And Why

With all that it has to offer, it's no surprise that CBD is making a splash in the professional sports world. More and more athletes who use CBD are advocating for its use in virtually all sports, and it may just revolutionize sports medicine.

And with all this support, pro sports leagues are finally easing off the antiquated, draconian anti-cannabis policies. It's a bright time for the cannabis industry, and athlete-advocates are an important part of the CBD revolution in sports and in public perception.

What Does CBD Offer Athletes?

Top athletes regularly push their bodies to the limit, and that takes a toll. From physical pain to anxiety, stress, and lost sleep, professional athletes suffer from a wide variety of symptoms even off the court.

Luckily, CBD can help with a surprising number of these effects. Here are a few ways that CBD for athletes can help improve performance:

  1. CBD can help manage pain and reduce inflammation. This can dramatically improve workout recovery times and take the edge off of muscle tenderness and joint problems
  2. CBD can reduce stress and related symptoms such as elevated heart rate. This can help top athletes cope with performance anxiety both before and after athletic events.
  3. CBD can improve sleep and provide more focused, wakeful days. That's a big deal for athletes needing to push themselves to the limit. Top-tier performance requires top-tier rest.

Is CBD Allowed in Professional Sports?

Each pro-sports body has its own rules, but they generally follow the lead set by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). WADA is the international, independent research body that issues the most widely-used list of banned substances for sports.

And according to WADA? CBD is absolutely permitted for athletes in all sports arenas.

Of course, it wasn't always that way. Because CBD comes from hemp, a form of cannabis, international stigma prevented CBD for athletes for many years. But WADA reversed its position in 2017 when it made a specific exemption that made CBD the only cannabis compound allowed for pro athletes.

The latest victim of these outdated rules is Sha’Carri Richardson, who lost her chance to run in the 100-meter Olympic event after failing a drug test for marijuana. 

Top Athletes Who Use CBD (And Why)

Mike Tyson, Boxing Superstar

If you know professional boxing, you know Mike Tyson. He's a legend, and he was the first boxer to hold WBA, WBC, and IBF titles simultaneously.

But you may not know that he's a passionate CBD user, advocate, and spokesperson.

Tyson has been very vocal about his CBD use and its benefits for pain relief and mental health. He has called CBD a "miracle drug", and has been one of the most vocal advocates for CBD use by pro athletes in recent years.

Megan Rapinoe, Soccer Legend

Megan Rapinoe is at the forefront of women's soccer and is a modern feminist icon. Her wildly impressive international soccer career is the stuff of legend, with championships and Olympic gold galore.

Rapinoe is also an outspoken advocate for CBD use in sports. In an interview with Forbes, she stated CBD has been indispensable for her training, recovery, and relaxation. She commented, "I wanted a healthier, more natural option for pain management, sleep aid, relaxation while flying, and general recovery".

For this legendary athlete, CBD isn't just a tool for personal wellness. It's also an opportunity to better the athletic world and "chang[e] the status quo around pain management and sports".

Charley Hoffman, Pro Golfer

CBD has made a big splash in the golf world, with many pro-golfers advocating CBD use and even partnering with CBD brands.

One of the most visible is Charley Hoffman, who partnered with Medterra to bring greater awareness and publicity to the benefits that CBD has to offer.

Hoffman puts it very clearly. "I haven't had any injuries, my body feels good, and my brain is clear," Hoffmann says. "I'm more stable and calm on the course."

In a technically demanding sport like pro golf, clarity and focus can make all the difference. And for pro golfers like Charley Hoffman, CBD may be the key to next-level athletic performance.

Rob Gronkowski, Celebrated NFL Tight End

Most know Rob "Gronk" Gronkowski for his astonishing football career, but he's also one of the most vocal advocates for CBD in pro sports.

After fellow NFL player Eugene Monroe became the NFL's first open CBD user, Gronk lent his voice to the CBD cause and is now one of the most outspoken advocates for CBD use in the NFL.

Gronkowski credits CBD for making him pain-free for the first time in decades. He's a man of many talents, and he's now one of the leaders in pro-CBD advocacy for all of American sports.

Kieran Kevan, Natural Bodybuilding Champion

Bodybuilding may be the single most taxing sport. It's all about pushing your body beyond its limits and reaching the absolute highest points of physical fitness. So it's no surprise that bodybuilding is full of CBD advocates.

Kieran Kevan is a legend in the bodybuilding community due in no small part to his commitment to all-natural bodybuilding without steroids or other supplements.

But CBD? Well, that's one thing he finds indispensable for his training and recovery.

After suffering an injury that left him hooked on pain pills, Kevan looked to CBD as a healthy, safer alternative for managing his pain. Now, he's a vocal advocate for CBD use, claiming that it helps with joint and muscle pain, relaxation, and general mental health.

CBD For Athletes, CBD For You and Me

CBD is making a big splash in the sporting world, with more and more top-tier athletes coming out as passionate CBD users and advocates. From pain relief to stress management and more, CBD is changing the game forever and leading to happier, healthier athletes in every arena.

But you don't have to be a top-tier athlete to get the best out of CBD. Whether you're a gym rat, a weekend footballer, a dancer, or even a couch potato, CBD can offer better physical and mental health and better quality of life.

No matter your fitness, we could all use a little boost. The top-quality CBD products you'll find here at CBD Choice are the best in the industry, and they may be the key to unlocking a better, fitter, and healthier you.

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