Everything You Need to Know About CBD Infused Drinks

Everything You Need to Know About CBD Infused Drinks

With the wealth of CBD products on the market, there’s an option to fit every users’ lifestyle. But of all of them, CBD infused drinks might just be the most convenient.

While CBD infused drinks have provoked some small controversy, they’re an overwhelmingly popular option for users with busy lifestyles — or who are just trying to make their CBD routine a bit more enjoyable. And it’s easy to see why! With the wide variety of CBD infused drinks on the market, there’s something to match every palate and need.

Today we’ll be going over the basics of this booming category of CBD products. We’ll cover the basics, like “just what ARE CBD drinks”, then explore their potential benefits, the variety of CBD infused drinks available today, and even how you can make delicious CBD infused drinks at home!

What are CBD Drinks?

As the name suggests, CBD infused drinks are any of a variety of beverages that have been improved by adding a healthy dose of our favorite hemp compound, cannabidiol (CBD).

Like your typical beverage, CBD infused drinks come in a massive variety of forms. Some of the most popular CBD beverages include:

  • CBD water: as you’d expect, simple H20 with a CBD kick
  • CBD-infused cocktails: delicious CBD infused drinks with a fruity twist, perfect for enjoyable sipping
  • CBD tea: any of a variety of traditional tea blends, improved by adding CBD
  • CBD coffee: an easy DIY CBD infused drink for lovers of cold brew, mocha, and more
  • CBD syrup: thick syrups meant to be added to another beverage, perfect for adding CBD to your favorite drink

CBD infused drinks come in all shapes and sizes, and users from all walks of life are sure to find something that fits both their tastes and their treatment needs. They’re a delicious and convenient way of adding CBD to your daily routine — and depending on the drink you choose, it may make your CBD treatment all the more enjoyable!

What are the Benefits of CBD Infused Drinks?

Like all CBD products, CBD infused drinks bring a host of potential benefits to many of your body’s vital systems. These include:

Of course, those potential benefits can come from any form of CBD. What makes CBD beverages special?

What all CBD infused drinks share is the benefit of sheer convenience. Staying hydrated is one of the most important things for your body’s long- and short-term health. And if you’re interested in reaping the potential benefits of CBD, CBD drinks just make sense: they allow you to combine two parts of your wellness regimen into a single quick, enjoyable ritual. They’re also extremely portable, and they’re unlikely to raise any eyebrows from co-workers.

Depending on the type of CBD infused beverage you choose, it may also offer other benefits.

CBD tea or coffee, for instance, may provide a more clear-headed lift than traditional (non-CBD) tea or coffee. Many users report that adding CBD to their coffee helps balance out the negative effects of caffeine, such as the “coffee jitters”, and makes their morning ritual more pleasant.

Meanwhile, CBD syrups are often made with synergistic ingredients that make them powerful energy and mood boosters, sleep-aids, and more. For users looking for a tasty supplement that boosts specific parts of their daily routines, CBD syrups have a lot to offer.

Can You Make CBD Beverages at Home?

Yes! Making CBD infused drinks is not only easy but can also be great fun!

At its most basic, making CBD drinks just involves adding your favorite CBD oil or CBD isolate to a drink of your choice, mixing well, and enjoying.

But, to make your DIY CBD beverages a bit more successful, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Most importantly: choose the right type of CBD product.

In its natural state, CBD is not water-soluble. Much like when trying to mix oil and water, most CBD products will eventually separate from the beverage with which you are mixing them.

If you plan to drink your CBD infused drink shortly after mixing, this is likely not going to be a problem. Traditional CBD oils will integrate well enough for short-term sipping, and will only separate after some time has passed.

But if you’re looking to store your CBD infused drink for use throughout the day, you might consider using a product made with water-soluble “nano-CBD”. Some brands, such as CBD Living, use a special type of water-soluble CBD in their products. This allows for perfect integration and prevents the CBD from separating, even hours or days after you mix your CBD infused drinks.

Additionally, be sure to consider the CBD dosage of your finished beverage.

If you plan to drink your CBD beverage throughout the day, you’ll get only a small portion of your beverage’s dose with each sip. In that case, you might consider adding more than your regular dose of CBD, so you’re regularly making micro-adjustments that bring you back to your intended effects throughout the day.

Additionally, the body metabolizes CBD beverages and edibles differently than with other ingestion methods. Specifically, beverages and edibles must be digested, which subjects them to “first pass metabolism” and, unfortunately, reduces the total amount of CBD that makes it into the bloodstream. As such, you may find that you need a higher dose of CBD to reach your intended effects.

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