Discover CBD Lozenges: Benefits and More

Discover CBD Lozenges: Benefits and More

We are always on the lookout for new and innovative CBD products. But sometimes, the best products are right in front of our noses. Literally!

CBD-infused lozenges were introduced to the market in the early days of the CBD industry. They've been around since this writer started researching cannabinoids long, long ago. And the idea is simple: infuse hard candy with CBD for a sore throat-aiding, delicious, benefit-inducing formulation.

However, there is more to CBD lozenges than meets the eye. In fact, users can gain a variety of additional benefits from using these mouth-watering treats. Furthermore, "lozenges" aren't just candy: you can find a variety of CBD cough drops and other products that meet the definition as well.

CBD-Infused Lozenges: The Basics

What is a lozenge, exactly? By definition, a lozenge is a small medicinal tablet. These tablets are typically ingested orally and target ailments like a sore throat. The term "lozenge" is defined by its rhombus or diamond shape. Furthermore, medicinal lozenges are available in both hard-candy and dissolvable formulations.

Now here's where the CBD comes into the picture! If you take the basic principles of a medicinal lozenge and infuse it with CBD oil, you have a truly versatile and innovative product. How? Think about other types of CBD edibles for a moment: we ingest CBD edibles orally, targeting endocannabinoid receptors found both beneath the tongue and in the digestive tract.

When you suck a CBD-infused lozenge, the CBD molecules are dissolving off the candy and into your mouth. Naturally, some of these molecules will be swallowed, eventually reaching those receptors found in your digestive system. However, sublingual (beneath the tongue) receptors have a direct line to the nervous system, making the activation of these receptors much more potent. As such, CBD lozenges are similar to CBD edibles, but they activate more heavy-hitting receptors within the mouth, potentially offering greater effects.

So Are CBD Lozenges Stronger Than Other Edibles?

No studies have examined the strength differences between typical CBD edibles – like chocolates and gummies – and CBD lozenges. It could depend on how you eat lozenges, however.

On the other hand, are you the type of person who sucks a lozenge or cough drop until it has completely dissolved? Then CBD lozenges might be perfect for your CBD regimen! Why? Because when a CBD-infused lozenge dissolves in your mouth, a greater number of CBD molecules reach sublingual receptors (called capillaries).

Remember that CBD lozenges are akin to cough drops in size and consistency. Are you the type of person who bites into a lozenge or cough drop, chewing until swallowed? Then CBD lozenges may not be right for you. Why? Because you are not allowing the CBD molecules to target those powerful receptors below your tongue.

In short, it makes sense that CBD lozenges would offer higher potency than more traditional CBD edibles. Products like CBD gummies, for example, would target very few receptors in the mouth, instead passing the CBD along to digestive system receptors, which do not have a direct line to the nervous system.

What Types of CBD Lozenges Are Available?

At CBD Choice, we offer two fascinating CBD lozenge formulations. Both of these lozenges are brought to you by CBD Living, one of the leading brands in cannabinoid edibles!

CBD Living Cherry Hard Candy 12 count

Available in Calming Cherry and Green Apple varieties, these CBD-infused lozenges offer a potent 25mg of CBD per serving. They're made with a throat-coating and cough-suppressing effect in mind, allowing you to not only enjoy a delicious hardy-candy treat but also tackle any sore throat issues you may be experiencing.

Furthermore, CBD Living utilizes a proprietary full spectrum hemp extract to craft these delicious lozenges. Top it all off with a short, understandable ingredients list and industry-leading quality, and you've got yourself a sure-fire favorite CBD edible!

You can purchase CBD Living lozenges in 4-count and 12-count packages as well.

What Other Advantages Do You Gain from CBD Lozenges?

We could hype up CBD-infused lozenges and other edibles all day. However, let's offer some more quick tips on why CBD lozenges are one of the best (and most underrated) CBD products of all time! They are:

  • DISCREET – You can use these lozenges any time, any place (within reason).
  • DELICIOUS – Pair your CBD with delicious, mouth-watering flavors!
  • VERSATILE – The full-spectrum formulation allows for the Entourage Effect.
  • POTENT – 25mg in one, tiny hard candy? Sign us up!

Are CBD Lozenges Right for You?

Let us know about your experience with CBD lozenges in the comments! Or, if you have yet to take one of these delicious CBD-infused lozenges, let us know why or why not they are right for you.

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