Choosing the Best Flavored CBD Oil

Choosing the Best Flavored CBD Oil

Are you looking to make your CBD oil experience a little more enjoyable? For users who dislike the taste of unflavored CBD tincture, finding the best flavored CBD oil can make all the difference in the world!

In this article, we’ll go over the most popular CBD oil flavors, from mint to citrus to berry, and more! Whether you’re looking for a tasty tincture to take on its own or for the perfect complement for cooking custom CBD dishes, you’re sure to find the ideal flavor for your palate!

In Defense of Unflavored CBD Oil Tinctures

Admittedly, the term “unflavored CBD oil tincture” may be a BIT misleading.

In fact, most “unflavored” oils do have a distinctive, earthy taste of natural hemp extract. This is especially true for full spectrum CBD oils, which contain not only CBD but all other parts of the hemp plant!

Depending on the other ingredients in your tincture, some unflavored oils can even be slightly bitter.

Unsurprisingly, unflavored CBD oil can be something of an acquired taste. Many new users find it somewhat off-putting at first — but as with your cup of morning coffee, most users grow to appreciate and even enjoy this distinct flavor with repeat use.

But know that not all CBD oil tinctures are created equal! Just because you’ve disliked the taste of one unflavored CBD tincture doesn’t mean you’ll have the same experience with the rest! To minimize the earthy taste of your unflavored oil, consider the following:

  • Try tinctures made with CBD isolate instead of full spectrum CBD.
  • Look for oil tinctures with a different oil base; extra virgin olive oil bases, for instance, tend to be less “hempy” than oils made with hemp seed oil or MCT.
  • Some brands are renowned and celebrated for the crisp, clean taste of their unflavored oil. CBDistillery is a prime example, and Pachamama is a favorite of several of our employees here at CBD Choice.

But of course, there’s nothing wrong with looking to add a dash of flavor to your daily CBD routine. If unflavored oils just aren’t for you, worry not! Here are all the most popular flavored CBD oils for your sampling pleasure!

Mint Flavored CBD Oils: A Timeless Classic

It’s no surprise that mint-flavored CBD oils are some of the most popular on the market. As another natural flavor, mint brings a wonderful, complementary taste that helps balance out hemp’s own rugged, earthy taste. It’s a match made in CBD heaven, and users have been raving about it virtually since the CBD industry was born!

Mint flavored CBD oils come in a wide variety, allowing you to enjoy the full spectrum of naturally crisp, cool, and refreshing mint tastes.

Some of our favorite and most popular mint flavored CBD oils include:

Whichever option you choose, there’s no denying that mint is one of the best complements for flavored CBD oil. Mint unlocks a rich, natural, and refreshingly crisp experience that’s perfect for taking sublingually, mixing into cocktails, or adding a dash of flavor to your favorite dish!

Citrus Flavored CBD Oils: A Zesty Taste of Summer Sun

There’s no denying: Citrus flavors are right up there with mint as the most popular of all flavored CBD oils. The taste of citrus runs the gamut of flavors, from bitingly sour to full-bodied and sweet and everywhere in between!

Simply put, there’s a citrus taste for every user’s palate, and it’s made citrus flavored CBD oils a standout favorite by virtually all in the CBD community!

Some of our favorite and most popular citrus flavored CBD oils include:

Citrus is one of the most versatile flavor palates out there, and these delicious lemon, lime, orange, and tangerine flavored CBD oils are sure to please any citrus lover! Perfect for a zesty sublingual dose, for a bit of citrus flavored CBD in your favorite tea, baking, and more! If you love citrus (and who doesn’t love some kind of citrus?), then these are the perfect option for you!

Other Fruit Flavored CBD Oils: A Natural Bounty of Flavors for Any Palate

While mint and citrus may be the most popular flavored CBD oils in town, the variety doesn’t stop there! Nature’s bounty is rich with delicious fruit flavors, and the CBD industry has been constantly experimenting to find the most delicious tastes under the sun.

While there are a ton of delicious fruit flavors, special mention goes out to CBDfx, a company that’s built their name on the back of their delightful, imaginative, and undeniably delicious flavored CBD oil combinations!

We encourage you to check out all of CBDfx’s delicious tinctures, but they’re certainly not the only expert taste-makers! Some of our favorite and most popular other fruit flavored CBD oils include:

When it comes to delightful, fruit flavored CBD oil, there’s no limit to the possibilities. With the massive range of imaginative flavor combinations you’ll find, you’re sure to discover something that appeals to your unique taste preferences!

More Unusually Flavored CBD Oils: For the Adventurous and Discerning Taste Buds

But perhaps you’re looking for something a bit more… distinctive? And who could blame you! Variety is the spice of life, and exploring the more unique and unusual of flavored CBD oils is a sure-fire way to keep things spicy!

From rich coffee tastes, smooth and creamy vanilla, soothing and fragrant lavender, or rich and flavorful pepper tastes — these CBD tinctures have it all.

Some of our favorite and most popular exotically-flavored CBD oils include:

Talk about versatility! No matter how you enjoy taking your CBD, the benefits you’re looking to receive, or your preference for isolate, broad spectrum, or full spectrum CBD, these diverse offerings have something for everyone!

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