Cannabinoid Spotlight: CBN

Cannabinoid Spotlight: CBN

Though CBD, THC, and Delta 8 get most of the spotlight, hemp has far more therapeutic compounds to offer. One that's getting more attention is cannabinol, or "CBN," and products like CBN oil made from it.

While CBN and other cannabinoids all come from cannabis plants, they offer very different effects from one another. Knowing the difference is the key to finding the cannabinoid that will fit best into your lifestyle.

So what makes CBN special? What are the effects of CBN oil? What CBN products are available? And what are its similarities to and differences from other common cannabinoids?

In this article, we shine a spotlight on all things CBN, giving you everything that you need to know to determine whether this increasingly popular cannabinoid is right for you. Let's dive in.

Cannabinol, An Overview

Cannabinol, or CBN, is a botanical compound found naturally in both strains of the cannabis plant.

In both strains of cannabis, CBN is a minor compound that makes up only a very small portion of the plant's overall cannabinoid profile (approximately 1%).

Compared to CBD and THC, very little research has been done into the effects of CBN or how it operates within the body. However, anecdotal evidence suggests that the effects of CBN are significantly different from other cannabinoids and are mainly useful as a sleep aid.

Just like other cannabinoids, CBN is made into a variety of products, such as CBN oil, CBD capsules, or even vaporizers. However, most manufacturers couple CBN with another cannabinoid, such as CBD; comparably, few brands offer pure CBN oil products, though brands like Slumber are guiding the industry towards letting CBN stand on its own.

More on each of these topics below.

What Are The Effects Of CBN?

Anecdotal accounts tend to praise CBN as a mild, non-intoxicating way to calm the mind and prepare the body for restful sleep.

For this reason, CBN oils often pair CBN with melatonin or other natural sleep boosters and are marketed as sleep aids.

Very little clinical research has been done on CBN, so meaningful scientific findings do not yet support these anecdotal accounts. But as more and more research is done into cannabis, CBN will undoubtedly get its time in the spotlight.

Until future research is conducted, anecdotal accounts are the best we have for understanding the effects of CBN. Of course, first-hand experience is the only way to be sure whether CBN oi will work for you, but the consensus is clear: most users find CBN to be a gentle, natural sleep booster.

Is CBN Intoxicating?

Because CBN comes from cannabis, it's natural to worry whether CBN will cause a "high" or other intoxication.

Some cannabinoids, like THC or Delta 8, are strongly intoxicating. Others, like CBD, will not cause any form of intoxication, even at large doses.

CBN falls somewhere in the middle. Available data suggest that CBN is mildly intoxicating, but it likely will not deliver a high akin to THC's.

Nonetheless, CBN's reported sedative effects can have a big effect on your attentiveness, energy, and focus. As such, CBN should be used responsibly, and users should not drive or operate heavy machinery after using CBN.

What CBN Products Are Available?

Compared to CBD and Delta 8 products, relatively few CBN oils or other products are currently available.

Of course, any "full spectrum" CBD product will contain some amount of CBN. That's because full spectrum hemp extracts contain all of hemp's cannabinoids, terpenes, and other natural compounds. But because CBN tends to occur in very small proportions, these trace amounts mean that full spectrum CBD can't rightly be called a CBN product.

Nonetheless, a few brands now offer specialized products where CBN is the star of the show. A few highlights include the following:

  • CBN Oils: Taken under the tongue like a traditional CBD oil, CBN oils are some of the fastest-acting and most popular CBN products on the market

  • CBN Capsules: Convenient CBN-filled pills that provide a precise dose of CBN every time; slightly slower to kick in than CBN oil, but make up for it in ease of use

  • CBN Vaporizers: The fastest acting CBN products on the market, but can make it difficult to get a precise dose because inhalation times vary

As more users discover how CBN products can benefit their lifestyle, more and more brands will undoubtedly begin offering CBN-rich wellness solutions. Until then, keep an eye on brands like Slumber, the current leader in CBN products.

CBN, In Closing

Cannabinol, or CBN, is a cannabinoid found in very small proportions in both strains of the cannabis plant.

While little research has been done on CBN thus far, anecdotal accounts strongly suggest that CBN's primary use is a natural relaxant and sleep aid.

CBN is unlikely to cause meaningful intoxication, though high doses could cause some form of noticeable inebriation. Even ignoring this intoxicating potential, users should not drive or operate heavy machinery after taking CBN, as its effects may cause drowsiness.

Few CBN products are currently available, but more and more companies are offering CBN-based sleep aids. And as the market continues to develop, CBD Choice is committed to being your best choice for CBN products online.

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