What is Water Soluble CBD?

What is Water Soluble CBD?

Similar to CBD oil, water soluble CBD does not contain THC, the intoxicating cannabinoid commonly associated with marijuana. However, water soluble CBD and CBD oil are not the same. For starters, water soluble CBD has been scientifically “shrunk” in size, meaning your body can absorb higher concentrations of the CBD molecules. This makes water soluble CBD more potent than your typical CBD oils. What else differentiates these two forms of CBD?

Browsing our selection of CBD Living or Joy Organics products, you might come across some interesting terminology: “Nano CBD.” The nano portion of this halfway-eponymous term derives from the word nanotechnology, and nanotechnology is exactly what’s used to manufacture things like nano CBD oil. But why does this matter?

Nano CBD particles can be used to create water soluble CBD and, furthermore, water soluble CBD products. You see, the CBD compound is naturally insoluble in water, meaning it doesn’t mix well with standard water molecules. Without water soluble CBD, it would be otherwise impossible to create products like CBD Water and other fan-favorite nano CBD extracts.

Keep in mind that the terms “nano CBD” and “water soluble CBD” are interchangeable because both refer to CBD molecules that can effectively dissolve in water. Furthermore, we’re going to dissect how nano CBD oil is manufactured and what that means for our CBD products. Let’s get started!

Nanotechnology & CBD: What You Need to Know

To gain a better idea of how water solubility works, let’s look at a more familiar example: making pasta! You boil water, add a pinch of salt, and a few drops of olive oil. But does the olive oil dissolve into the boiling water? No! Rather, the olive oil swirls around on the top layer of the water, forming flat circles.

This is the most prominent example of water insolubility and applies to CBD oil as well. CBD extracts would swirl around on the top layer of water, just like olive oil, never fully absorbing into the roiling boils below.

With nanotechnology, however, manufacturers shrink CBD molecules down to a size that will dissolve into water. But how does this work?

How Are Water Soluble CBD Products Created?

To create water soluble CBD molecules, scientists:

  1. Shoot enzymes (biological catalysts, usually proteins) at molecules of CBD.
  2. Create a reaction that shrinks the overall size of the CBD molecules.
  3. Chemically disperse these molecules to further reduce their size while maintaining potency.

This process is known as nanoemulsion. There isn’t much data (yet) that compares the effects of nano CBD with regular CBD molecules. However, some studies have started showing evidence that nanotechnology can potentially increase the absorption rate of CBD into your bloodstream. But without data to show that it’s more effective, why create water soluble CBD products in the first place?

To many CBD manufacturers, water solubility isn’t about efficacy. Instead, it’s about accessibility. By creating nano CBD particles that can dissolve in water, manufacturers can craft a variety of goods using water soluble CBD, including CBD drinks. For many, convenience is an important part of any CBD regimen. Water soluble CBD products create added convenience, allowing users to add nano CBD oil straight to their water bottles or pre-workout.

Water Soluble CBD vs. Regular CBD

We know that water soluble particles of CBD are enzymatically resized to dissolve in water. Besides the use of nanotechnology, what else differentiates nano CBD products from regular CBD products?

  • Products: nanotechnology can create CBD drinks, whereas regular CBD molecules do not work well in most drinks.
  • Potency: because water soluble CBD molecules are shrunk down in size, you can fit more particles into the same amount of space. For example, a 1ml container of CBD oil might hold 30mg of regular CBD oil, but that same container might be able to hold 60mg of nano CBD oil.
  • Technology: nanotechnology has been around since 1959, but the fact that CBD companies are using it for manufacturing goods means that the CBD industry is progressing faster than anyone could have anticipated. Nano CBD represents a significant push towards the future of the CBD industry!

Our Favorite Water Soluble CBD Products

We at CBD Choice don’t just sell CBD– we take it! As such, we’re passionate about the products we like best. We currently offer two brands that manufacture water soluble CBD products: CBD Living and Joy Organics, both of which we love immensely. So here our the best of the best when it comes to nano CBD products found at CBD Choice!

CBD Living | Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

CBD Living 750mg Tincture

Water soluble CBD products are not limited strictly to CBD drinks. Remember: nanoemulsion technology allows more CBD molecules to fit into a single volume. This allows products like CBD Living’s Full Spectrum Tincture to offer a powerful dose of CBD within a familiar classic: the CBD tincture! This full spectrum CBD extract includes all the cannabinoids, terpenes, amino acids, and essential fatty acids naturally found in the hemp plant, all while offering you nano CBD oil.

CBD Living | Chai Turmeric CBD Tea

CBD Living Chai Turmeric Tea

We obviously can’t hype up CBD drinks without including a couple on our list of favorites, and this Chai Turmeric Tea is the best of the best! Made possible by CBD Living, this nano CBD-infused tea allows you to brew your own water soluble CBD drinks from the comfort of your own home. This CBD tea offers a total of 150mg of CBD over 20 servings. In addition, you’ll come to love the flavor of this chai-turmeric blend, guaranteed.

Joy Organics | CBD Energy Drink Mix

Joy Organics Premium Hemp Energy Drink

Yet another fabulous water soluble CBD-infused drink, this time from Joy Organics! This CBD Energy Drink Mix allows you to access an energy-boosting formulation of CBD from anywhere. With these drink mix packets, all you need to do is add water, easy as that. Plus, you’ll receive the benefits of 12.5mg of nano CBD per serving. In addition, the natural berry flavor keeps you coming back for more! Good thing there are five servings per order.

CBD Living | CBD Dark Chocolate

CBD Living Dark Chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolate, especially chocolate infused with nano CBD? CBD Living’s CBD Dark Chocolate offers 120mg of potent, water soluble CBD. Plus, it’s crafted in a way that would make Milton S. Hershey himself proud, using all-natural ingredients to provide a flavorful chocolate bar packed with industry-leading CBD blends. What more could you need? Maybe just a cup of CBD Living’s Chai Turmeric Tea to go with it.

Joy Organics | Premium Lavender Refresh CBD Bath Bomb

Joy CBD Bath Bombs

There are more than a few ways to take advantage of water soluble CBD. However, Joy Organics provides an option that is second to none: CBD bath bombs! These nano CBD-infused Premium Lavender Refresh Bath Bombs come in a pack of four, with each individual bath bomb offering 25mg of water soluble CBD! Because the CBD molecules can blend perfectly with your bath water, your body will be able to absorb more CBD than ever before. All of this from the comfort of a luscious, steaming bath.

Or you can learn how to make your own CBD bath bomb on our blog.

Is Water Soluble CBD Worth the Hype?

In our opinion, yes, water soluble CBD is so worth the hype! Nanotechnology can pave the way for a brighter future in the CBD industry. We should take advantage of all the advancements that come our way, using current scientific information to shape an accessible CBD marketplace.

For more information regarding the CBD industry, as well as further advancement in water soluble CBD, stay up-to-date with everything CBD at CBD Choice! We’re also here Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm, to answer any and all of your questions regarding nanotechnology or nano CBD!

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