What Does CBD Oil Taste Like?

What Does CBD Oil Taste Like?

You’ve probably heard that CBD oil possesses an earthy flavor. In that regard, you’ve heard correctly! Raw, unflavored CBD oil derives directly from the hemp plant. CBD oil also commonly contains hemp seed oil as a carrier oil, helping the CBD molecules into your system. As such, it maintains a natural flavor reminiscent of sunflower, pine, and even coffee in some respects.

However, this flavor profile should not be undersold. If you’re asking the question – what does CBD oil taste like? – you’ve likely never ingested the natural wellness supplement. Today, we’ll discuss why CBD tastes this way. We’ll also examine how the taste of your CBD products can change your overall appreciation of your daily CBD intake. Let’s get started!

Why Does CBD Taste Like That?

Earthy tastes closely resemble where they come from: the earth! Ingredients that possess an earthy flavor profile are often closely tied to the earth. This includes many common household ingredients, as well as a variety of plants that grow in or under the soil.

  • Potatoes
  • Beets
  • Mushrooms
  • Coffee
  • Some Red Wines
  • Coriander Seed
  • Cumin Seed
  • Fennel Seed
  • Hemp Seed Oil

It’s not uncommon for people to dislike these earthy flavors. In fact, they’re often called “dirty” or “undesirable.” However, when answering the question what does CBD oil taste like, we must find the similarity among these ingredients.

Enter geosmin, the sesqui-terpene responsible for a majority of the earthy flavors we’re familiar with. As you might already know, terpenes are responsible for the scent and flavor profiles of all plants, not just hemp. Furthermore, geosmin is a fascinating compound with a distinct, musky smell. The human nose is extremely sensitive to this terpene. In fact, we’re able to detect geosmin at concentrations as low as five parts per trillion. This means that the taste of your CBD oil is primarily due to geosmin.

But we don’t only detect geosmin among ingestible goods. It’s actually responsible for petrichor: what we smell during the first rain after a dry spell. Do you want to smell geosmin right this moment? Walk outside, break up some soil, and sniff!

Geosmin is everywhere, from the earth to hemp seed oil to fish! In fact, we add acidity to fish recipes to break up the earthy taste of geosmin. Wow! Sadly, many consumers disapprove of the earthy flavor inherent to geosmin. But this terpene explains where the taste of CBD comes from!

How to Combat the Earthy Taste of Your CBD Products

There’s a very easy way to overcome the taste of raw CBD oil. What is it? Find the right flavor of CBD oil! You want the taste of your CBD merchandise to match your palette and personal preferences.

Lucky for you, CBD Choice carries a variety of flavorful CBD oils, edibles, and so much more! You can find naturally-flavored products that offer even the most refined palette something to savor. What delicious flavored CBD oils do we recommend?

French Vanilla Mocha CBD Tincture by Lazarus Naturals

Powerful, eloquent, superior in both taste and quality.

These are the traits that come to mind when thinking about Lazarus Naturals’ French Vanilla Mocha CBD oil. This full spectrum CBD tincture utilizes the sweeter earthy spices of chocolate, coffee, and vanilla. Instead of masking the earthy flavor of hemp, this tincture embraces it.

Mint Flavored CBD Oil by PureKana

What better to mask a bitter taste than fresh mint?

PureKana is one of the leading CBD brands in the world. Why? Because tinctures like this Mint Flavored CBD Oil offer quality taste and powerful benefits. Furthermore, the earthy flavors of hemp are easily concealed by the powerful mint aromas. If you’re looking to do away with earthy tastes altogether, this mint-flavored CBD oil is the choice for you.

Avoiding that Earthy CBD Taste, in Conclusion

With either the Lazarus Naturals or PureKana CBD oils, you’re able to overcome the bitter earthiness of raw CBD oil. When someone asks you – what does CBD oil taste like? – you can say, “French Vanilla Mocha!”

However, there are even more ways to overcome that earthy CBD taste! For starters, let’s return to the idea of carrier oils. Depending on the brand or product, some CBD oil tinctures contain hemp seed oil as a carrier oil. Carrier oils help the CBD molecules enter your bloodstream, increasing the efficacy of your overall treatment.

If you are very opposed to the earthy flavor of CBD, you can simply find a CBD oil using fractionated coconut oil (MCT) as a carrier oil instead of hemp seed oil. In our experience, we’ve discovered that tinctures utilizing MCT are less earthy than those using hemp seed oil.

We urge CBD users everywhere to use personal preferences to make their flavor-related decisions. Everyone is different, and what someone else enjoys might not tickle your personal fancy.

What’s the absolute easiest way to overcome the taste of your CBD products? Switch to CBD edibles! CBD-infused gummies and other edibles offer a mouth-watering alternative to earthy CBD tincture. Again, it all depends on your personal preferences!

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