The Weirdest CBD Infused Products

The Weirdest CBD Infused Products

There are two sides to the CBD industry, seemingly cut from a completely different cloth. The first is about personal wellness, community health, and celebrating the overall benefits of CBD. At CBD Choice, we fall under this category.

The other side of the CBD industry is just downright strange. Today, we want to examine the extraordinary. We’ll take a look at some of the weirdest CBD products on the market. Full disclosure: these products are ridiculous, nonsensical, and sometimes simply unusable.

CBD Choice does not condone the use or purchase of these CBD infused products. However, we believe it’s important to understand all sides of the CBD industry. So without further adieu, here are the weirdest CBD products on the market!

CBD Infused Pillow Cases

Have you ever wondered how to take CBD while you’re completely asleep?! Nope, neither have we. But some brands have found a solution to this made up problem: enter the CBD pillowcase!

These pillowcases offer “all night calm,” according to the manufacturers. However, there is no scientific evidence supporting these claims. You cannot just press your head up against a CBD infused cloth and expect something to work. In addition, The Guardian crowned these CBD infused products the “silliest CBD product” on the market.

Science aside, what if you wanted your whole bedspread infused with cannabinoids? Don’t worry! Companies like Royal Heritage Home not only offer wifi-enabled bedding but CBD infused sheets and comforters as well. Welcome to the future?

Our rating: 3/10 (Save your money, keep your sheets.)

CBD Oil Infused Potato Chips

Looking for an alternative to traditional CBD gummies, chocolates, and other edibles? As far as weird CBD infused products go, this is our tamest selection: the CBD oil infused potato chip! However, this product is not without its complications.

As both an avid CBD user and potato chip fiend, here’s my quarrel with this product. Chip-eating can be rapturous, unhinged. There is no limit to the number of chips one can eat in a single serving. Even if each CBD chip only contained 1mg of CBD, I’d be asleep in fifteen minutes.

However, for the more self-controlled among us, these salty CBD products might be perfect. We’ll leave this one open to personal opinions. As long as you’re receiving the overall benefits of CBD edibles, you do you.

Our rating: 7/10 (Do(rito) your thing.)

CBD Tooth Picks

I’ve seen some good arguments in favor of CBD toothpicks during my time in the CBD industry. I’ve also seen some great arguments against these tiny CBD products. Here are the summarizing viewpoints:

  • In favor: CBD toothpicks offer the benefits of CBD in a similar fashion to CBD oil. You can target sublingual capillaries found beneath the tongue, streamlining CBD absorption into the bloodstream.
  • Against: they’re toothpicks. They pick teeth. What can’t absorb CBD? Teeth. Because of this, these CBD products really target the gums, not the teeth. This is problematic, as poking your gums with a CBD toothpick isn’t good for your oral health.

In my unscientific opinion, I don’t think poking and prodding yourself with these CBD-infused products is a good idea. The real value of CBD toothpicks derives from how poorly you miss your teeth and stab your gums instead. I’ll take a hard pass but to each their own.

Our rating: 5/10 (Some hit, some miss, both succeed.)

CBD Infused Toothpaste & Mouthwash

In some regards, CBD products have entered every aspect of our lives. We wake up to a hot cup of CBD infused coffee. We wear our CBD clothing (a product that narrowly escaped this list). Then, we drive our CBD-powered cars to a CBD luncheon, talking to our friends who also run on CBD oil—Just kidding. But is this the future we’re running towards?

Products like CBD toothpaste and mouthwash really make you think. The only benefit I can think of? If you don’t like the earthy taste of raw, unflavored CBD oil, minty mouthwash might work for you. However, you could also just opt for CBD edibles or even mint-flavored CBD oil.

I would never tell you how to live your life, but some things should be CBD-free. Leave my cinnamon Listerine out of this. Plus, we now know that toothpastes are all the same. Let’s not pretend that there’s a better alternative, we’re past that, society.

Our rating: 4/10 (This is fluoride erasure.)

CBD Toilet Paper

In the midst of a global pandemic in which Americans CAN’T STOP buying toilet paper, there is no better product. Companies have found a way to wipe us clean of our problems. You guessed it: CBD toilet paper!

Modern problems require modern solutions. These CBD products are available across the internet, ranging from $30 to $100 per roll. That’s about $1 per wipe for some brands.

At CBD Choice, we’re all about savings. Is CBD infused toilet paper a bang for your buck? No. But does it offer the benefits of CBD? We don’t think so, but scientists have yet to weigh in on the matter. But can we just admire that these toilet-time CBD products actually exist in the first place?

Our rating 10/10 (“Wipe Away The Worries” – Nordic Botanics.)

Strange CBD: Not Everything You’ve Been Led to Believe

If you haven’t yet figured it out, it’s safe to say there are some weird CBD products on the market. Because CBD is all the rage, untrustworthy manufacturers will try anything to get you to buy their products.

Jokes and scams aside, the CBD marketplace can be a beautiful place. At CBD Choice, we’re committing to helping you find a CBD treatment that works for your health and wellness. Every CBD user is different. We offer a unique and expanding line of products that help find what’s right for YOU!

Don’t waste your money on what’s new and strange. Stick with what you know: high-quality, third-party lab tested CBD products!

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