The Top 10 Benefits of CBD Soap

The Top 10 Benefits of CBD Soap

What is CBD Soap? Exactly what it sounds like!

One of many cosmetic products commonly infused with CBD oil, CBD soap is enriched with hemp extract providing users with a variety of anti-inflammatory benefits. Plus, you can access the beauty of CBD during your daily shower or while washing your hands.

But there's so much more to CBD-infused soap than meets the eye. How many milligrams of CBD does one bar contain? Did you know there ares different soaps for different skin types? What if I told you that you could purchase CBD soap that's also infused with beneficial hemp seed oil or hydrating coconut oil?

Today, we'll cover the top 10 benefits of CBD soap so that you can gain a better understanding of this fascinating, full-coverage CBD topical. Start running those baths and sudsing those hands because the rewards start NOW!

(1) The Anti-Inflammatory Benefits of CBD Soap

If you didn't already know, CBD is a compound derived from the hemp plant. CBD oil or hemp extract is commonly infused into topicals like soap or bath bombs. Why? Because CBD offers a variety of anti-inflammatory effects. When turned into CBD soap, you're able to apply its anti-inflammatory benefits all around your body during your ordinary bathing routine.

(2) Target Specific Areas of the Body with CBD

CBD soaps allow you to target specific areas of the body that need CBD the most. For example, let's say you struggle with arthritis in your knees. You can obviously take a daily CBD oil tincture, but CBD oil is typically used orally, not topically. On the flip side, if you opt for a CBD topical instead, you can apply CBD directly to your arthritic knees. Targeted relief is impactful relief! Plus, anywhere that's safe for soap is safe for CBD.

(3) There's CBD Soap for All Skin Types

As CBD skincare products and cosmetics have increased in popularity, so have the number of available formulations. Now, you can find CBD soaps for ALL skin types. For example, many are made with a variety of hydrating and oil-managing ingredients.

If you suffer from dry skin, you can undoubtedly find a CBD-infused soap that also contains glycerin, aloe vera, or any number of supremely hydrating ingredients. However, if you suffer from oily skin, there are easy-to-find options that contain citrus extracts, tea tree oil, or other oil-regulating ingredients.

When it comes to CBD soap, there's truly something for everyone. Speaking of additional, beneficial ingredients...

(4) Some CBD-Infused Soaps Are Also Infused with Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil (not to be confused with hemp extract) is a carrier oil made from the seeds of the hemp plant. Hemp seed oil does NOT contain CBD. However, it's often used in various CBD-infused topicals because it brings about unique benefits to your skin.

What kind of benefits? Hemp seed oil is perfect for most skin types because it can moisturize without clogging pores. Like we mentioned earlier, it also belongs in the list of ingredients that can regulate oily skin. Plus, scientists have uncovered the anti-inflammatory benefits of hemp seed oil, helping to keep your skin clear of acne and other forms of inflammation.

If this sounds great for you and your bathing routine, find a CBD soap with hemp seed oil!

(5) Some Are Infused with Coconut Oil

While some CBD-infused soaps contain hemp seed oil, others contain coconut oil! Why does this matter? Because coconut oil is one of the most hydrating skincare ingredients on the planet. When used in CBD soap, coconut oil offers supremely hydrating benefits. It's also considered a potent anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antimicrobial, and nutrient-boosting oil.

If this sounds perfect for your skin type, choose a CBD soap that contains coconut oil!

(6) They Come in All Sorts of Scents

To overstate the obvious: CBD-infused soaps offer many, many options to CBD users. Whether or not you prefer a CBD soap that contains hemp seed oil, coconut oil, or both is entirely up to you. But that's not the only choice you get to make when purchasing these CBD topicals.

Cue scents! Who doesn't love smelling good? Unlike other CBD topicals (CBD lotion, for example), CBD-infused soaps allow you the opportunity to choose the specific scents that fit your needs. Soaps often come in a variety of enticing aromas, from floral tones to minty or citrus-inspired scents.

We love having options. Don't you?

(7) CBD Soaps Contain the Right MG of CBD

Speaking of options, what about the strength of CBD soaps? We can't talk about CBD and not talk about dosage. Luckily enough, CBD soap is known for its strength.

One bar of CBD soap can contain anywhere from 10mg to 1000mg of CBD, and everything in-between. As CBD users ourselves, we know that everyone has their own needs. We're all unique, and because of that, it's important to understand how much CBD you need.

When it comes to CBD topicals, specifically, you should opt for the right MG of CBD depending on your desired effects. If you're looking for a CBD-infused soap for daily use, get something on the lower end (less than 100mg of CBD) of the spectrum. If you have chronic pain or need to target a specific ailment somewhere on your body, we recommend a medium-to-high dosage (anywhere from 500-1000mg of CBD).

(8) CBD Soap is Third-Party Lab Tested for Quality Assurance

Did you know that 100% of the products found on CBD Choice are third-party lab tested to guarantee quality, consistency, and dosage? And that includes CBD topicals like CBD soap!

Third-party lab testing is the definitive mark of quality within the CBD industry. With easy access to lab results, you receive an unbiased look at the quality of your CBD products. When it comes to CBD soap, you'll be able to see exactly what's inside your soap, how many milligrams of CBD it contains, and whether or not it contains any unnatural additives or fillers.

No matter where you find pick up your CBD soap, always make sure it's third-party lab tested, and that lab results are easily accessible. Good, clean CBD done right!

(9) CBD Soap Does NOT Get You High

There's a consistent misconception within the CBD industry: will CBD soap get you high? The answer is a resounding NO; this product will NOT induce intoxicating side effects. For a CBD topical to be considered legal, it must contain no more than 0.3% THC by dry weight. This is not nearly enough to activate intoxicating side effects.

When applying CBD soap to anywhere on your body, you do not have to worry about getting high. When we said "good, clean CBD," we meant it!

(10) They Penetrate Deep Within the Skin

Last but not least on our top 10 benefits of CBD-infused soap, these topicals can penetrate deep within the skin! But why does that matter when using CBD soap?

CBD offers effects because it interacts with receptors found all over our bodies, called endocannabinoid receptors. When using exterior CBD products like CBD-infused soap, you must target receptors located within the subdermal layers of your skin. To reach these receptors, the CBD product in question must penetrate the first few outer layers of skin.

CBD soap not only offers you some of the best CBD topical benefits on the market, but it does so with a pronounced effect. Wow!

CBD Soap, in Conclusion

As you can see, CBD-infused soaps are definitely in demand. Not only are they easy to use, but they offer a variety of anti-inflammatory benefits that aid your overall skin health. Furthermore, when shopping for CBD soap, you'll be able to choose from a variety of scents, brands, strengths, and formulations. No matter your skin type or personal preferences, you can always find what you need! And if you're having a hard time finding the perfect CBD soap, you can always make your own!

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