The Best CBD Oils on the Market

The Best CBD Oils on the Market

Oh, CBD oil, how we love thee. There are a million and one applications for CBD oil and such a variety of products that ANYONE can find an oil tailor-fit to their needs. But… is there a best CBD oil on the market?

Hooboy, that's a question. And (spoiler warning) there really is no single objective answer to this question. The "best" CBD oil on the market is going to come down to personal preference, intended purpose, price point, and a wide variety of other factors.

But hey, this is the internet. There's no shortage of people trying to answer impossible questions with full confidence that what they're saying is correct! So let's do the same.

In this article, we go over some of the absolute best CBD oils on the market, based on both (when possible) objective metrics and on (let's be honest) anecdotal evidence, community response, and other subjective assessments.

Subjectivity Disclaimer and CBD Choice's Quality Selection Criteria

I'm obligated to make one thing clear: what makes for the "best" CBD oil on the market is essentially a matter of personal preference.

Sure, there are a few objective metrics for assessing this brand or another's CBD oil. We'll be using these in our assessments below:

  • Price per mg of CBD
  • Source and quality of ingredients
  • Use of organic and eco-friendly ingredients
  • Environmentally responsible policies
  • Transparency and testing practices

What's more: CBD Choice stocks nothing but the absolute best of the best. Every product from every brand that we stock was hand-selected based on our industry-leading selection criteria. Even if a particular brand didn't make this list, make no mistake: each and every one deserves its own place in the CBD oil hall of fame.

Best CBD Oil By Price: Lazarus Naturals

Let's face it: CBD oil can get pricey. Especially for regular users, it can be tempting to buy "discount CBD" brands that may cut corners and offer inferior products. But, as is so often the case, you get what you pay for, and budget "CBD" products may not deliver what you need.

But then there's Lazarus Naturals. This brand has it all: quality and affordability in a package that makes Lazarus truly stand out from the pack.

Lazarus Naturals makes some of the best CBD oil on the market, especially when it comes to price.

Lazarus CBD oils and tinctures range from 4 cents per mg of CBD (in low-volume bottles) to 2.5 cents per mg of CBD (in high-volume bottles). Compare that to other brands, some of whom charge upwards of 15 cents per mg, and you'll see what Lazarus fans have long known: Lazarus Naturals makes the best CBD oil on the market when it comes to budget and affordability.

Special Mention: For the truly budget conscious, we encourage you to consider Bluebird Botanicals CBD Isolate Powder. It's not a CBD oil, but it's by far the most affordable CBD you'll find anywhere, weighing in at an astonishing 2 cents per mg of CBD for the 5-gram option!

Best CBD Oil For Sleep: Lift CBD

Good sleep means better days. And bad sleep? Well, not so good days. Luckily, more and more users are finding that CBD is an ideal, all-natural way to get back to sleeping like a baby.

The leader of the pack when it comes to CBD oil for sleep? Lift CBD, and specifically Lift's CBD Sleep Aid Drops.

Several brands offer CBD oil specifically designed to boost sleep, but none do it quite like Lift. Lift's Sleep Aid Drops combine potent broad spectrum CBD with two of nature's most effective all-natural sleep aids: melatonin and CBN (CBD's sleepy-time cousin).

The Sleep Aid tinctures are also offered in two tasty flavors: Calming Honey and Tangerine. For users seeking an even faster-acting option, they also offer a CBN Vape Pen that'll have you drifting off to dreamland in no time flat.

Special Mention: Unsurprisingly, the brand Slumber makes some world class sleep aids of their own. So why don't they take the trophy of Best CBD oil on the market for sleep? Simply put: because they're made with pure CBN, not CBD! Still, Slumber's oil and capsule sleep solutions are absolutely worth the try.

Best CBD Oil By Supplemental Ingredients: Pachamama

CBD brands aren't just defined by their flavor or use of CBD isolate vs. full spectrum CBD oils. What makes for truly specialized, effective products? Supplemental ingredients. And in that arena, Pachamama stands head and shoulders above the competition.

Their slogan, "From Mother Earth", gives you a glimpse into the brand's ethos. They're driven to harness the most effective, time-honored, all-natural remedies that nature has to offer, bringing the purest and most effective ingredients to bear for Pachamama users the world over.

Pachamama uses some of the most creative, innovative, and therapeutically effective ingredients from around the world. Their specialized products feature all-stars like valerian root, green tea extracts, ylang ylang holy basil, goji, cacao, turmeric, black pepper, and more.

The combinations are utterly unique and expertly formulated to complement and supplement CBD's natural therapeutic potential.

I simply can't say enough good things about the care and quality that goes into every Pachamama product. In my eyes, there's simply no competition. When it comes to quality supplemental ingredients, Pachamama makes the best CBD oil on the market.

Best CBD Oil By Potency: CBDistillery

For many users, the ability to customize your dosage is the single most important factor for identifying the best CBD oil on the market. And when it comes to a wide range of custom potencies, CBDistillery stands out as the clear leader.

CBDistillery's CBD oils have by far the broadest range of potencies you'll find from any mainstream brand. With products at both the very high and very low potency range, no other brand makes it easy to find the dose that's appropriate for your needs.

On the low end, CBDistillery offers 30ml tinctures with just 250mg of CBD, making for a very mild experience that's perfect for users with occasional, mild symptoms. At the high end? That same 30ml bottle can contain up to 5,000mg of CBD, offering what can only be described as the single most potent CBD treatment option you'll find on the market today.

What's more, CBDistillery offers both CBD isolates and full spectrum CBD oils in that entire range of potencies. So whether you're looking for a full spectrum CBD experience or a THC free one, CBDistillery has you covered with the most tailor-fit CBD potencies in town.

CBDistillery undoubtedly makes the best CBD on the market when it comes to potency selection.

Best CBD Oil With Organic Ingredients: Joy Organics

Organic products aren't just good for you, they're also good for the planet we share. Shopping organic is a great way to contribute to a greener, healthier future for you and our global community.

It's no surprise that the eco-conscious CBD industry would have some standout organic offerings, and Joy Organics stands at the front of the pack. Like several other brands, they source organic ingredients whenever possible for all their products, not just their tinctures.

What makes Joy organics stand out from the others? They were one of the very first CBD brands to offer fully USDA-certified organic tinctures, which is a challenging accomplishment and a powerful tribute to Joy's commitment to eco-friendly practices.

But that's not all. Joy Organics' farms also use regenerative farming practices. Their products all use 100% recyclable packaging and containers, and the company offers an impressive number of socially responsible giveback initiatives to help the global community.

All these together make it clear, Joy Organics is at the forefront of organic CBD and green business, earning them a well-deserved spot on the list of best CBD oils.

Best CBD Oil By Taste: … well gosh, this is hard...

Ahh, taste. For some, an afterthought. For others, the single most important factor in choosing a CBD oil.

And unfortunately, it's also the most difficult category to approach objectively. After all, everyone's taste preferences are different. Flavors that positively sing for me may make others retch.

Nonetheless, if I may have a drumroll please…

My choice for best tasting CBD oil on the market?

Koi CBD! Sure, Koi may not offer the most imaginative CBD flavors around. But what they do have in spades is far more important: variety and quality of flavor.

If you're looking for a straightforward, nostalgic, and genuinely tasty flavor in your CBD oil, then I'd stand by Koi CBD as offering some of the best CBD oil on the market.

Special Mention: And yet I'd be remiss in my duties if I didn't point out what is, in my not so humble opinion, simply the single tastiest CBD oil I've ever tried: PureKana's Fruity CBD Oil. If it helps you, this used to be called "Fruity Pebbz", which if you're familiar with the reference is a perfect preview of this oil's distinctive taste. Gosh, I really need to get some more of this stuff...

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