The Benefits Of CBD Body Lotion For Skincare

The Benefits Of CBD Body Lotion For Skincare

The winter months are here, and the holidays are right around the corner. It's a time of joy and togetherness, and giving.

But for many of us, it's also the season of dry skin and the discomfort and embarrassment they can bring! Luckily, CBD body lotion and other skincare solutions are here to help!

In this article, we cover the basics of CBD moisturizing lotions and how a CBD skincare routine can help your dry, uncomfortable patches, both through the winter months and any time of year! Let's dive in.

What Causes Winter-Time Dry Skin?

Winter months can wreak havoc on your skin.

Cold weather, wind, rain, and snow can all remove natural oils from the skin that lock in moisture. With this oil barrier weakened, skin becomes dry and more prone to inflammation.

But "winter skin" isn't just the result of cold winter weather — it's also caused by what we do to overcome those temperatures and stay toasty warm.

Indoor heating dries out the air in your home or office; with less moisture in the air, your skin dries out even faster. Fireplaces can create dry heat and smoke, both of which actively sap your skin's moisture and dry you out fast. Even hot water from hot showers and baths can contribute to dry skin and worsen your winter dry patches!

At the extremes, these conditions can even cause seasonal dermatitis — an inflammatory skin condition that can worsen or even temporarily cause more uncomfortable and unsightly flare-ups of eczema, dandruff, and more.

How CBD Body Lotion Protects Skin

CBD body lotion and other CBD-infused skincare solutions work to combat the most common and impactful causes of dry skin, irritation, and unsightly inflammation.

Again, the core causes of seasonal dry skin are:

  • Cold temperatures and other winter weather break down the oil barrier that locks moisture in your skin.
  • Heaters, fireplaces, and even hot showers and baths make the air dryer and actively sap moisture from your now more-vulnerable skin.
  • Extreme dry skin results, causing inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema and other forms of dermatitis.

CBD body lotion combats these causes at the source, tackling each one from a different mechanism. And while most lotions provide similar benefits, the addition of CBD skincare into the routine adds an extra element that protects you from the worst of dry skin.

  • Moisturizing body lotions renew the healthy oil barrier that protects your skin from the elements.
  • Lotions and moisturizers deliver powerful levels of, you guessed it, moisture, which rehydrates and renews skin parched by the winter weather conditions or heating.
  • Unlike traditional moisturizers, CBD-infused skincare products harness CBD's powerful anti-inflammatory properties to combat the emergence of unsightly and uncomfortable eczema and other forms of inflammatory dermatitis.

So how does CBD lotion work? In short, it reinforces your body's natural defense against harsh weather, infuses skin with an extra-strength moisture boost, and delivers powerful anti-inflammatory action to fight any damage caused by dryness.

And while traditional moisturizers can do some of that, only the extra infusion of CBD moisturizing lotions can provide that much-needed inflammation boost that helps already-hurting skin.

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