Product Spotlight: CBD Fruit Tarts

Product Spotlight: CBD Fruit Tarts

Looking to unwind and want to enjoy the experience? Sweet! Candy CBD may be just what the doctor ordered. And when it comes to CBD-infused sweets, CBD fruit tarts are one of the most enjoyable and effective acts in town.

What Is a CBD Fruit Tart?

As its name would imply, a CBD fruit tart is a traditional fruit tart that has been imbued with CBD.

CBD fruit tarts are small, mouth-watering hard candies that are meant to be placed in the mouth and sucked upon until they dissolve.

In short, they're easy, fast, effective, and enjoyable ways to get all the benefits of your CBD dose! Here's a bit more in-depth info:

Benefits of CBD Fruit Tarts

CBD fruit tarts deliver all the benefits of CBD, and they also offer a few special affordances of their own!

Like most CBD products, CBD fruit tarts can offer a surprising number of important health benefits. Some of the most well-researched benefits include:

But on top of all that, CBD fruit tarts offer a few benefits that are all their own!

  • They're compact and portable enough for dosage at work or on the go.
  • They come in a wide variety of tasty flavors.
  • They're discreet enough to take without raising any eyebrows (unlike, for instance, CBD oils).
  • They're a calorie-conscious way of indulging your sweet tooth.
  • Each typically has a low-to-moderate CBD dosage, allowing you to customize your dose or "top-off" throughout the day.

Are CBD Fruit Tarts Effective?

Yes! In fact, CBD fruit tarts are right up there with CBD oils for the most highly bioavailable CBD product out there — meaning that your body will be able to use more of your dose, and you'll be able to experience more of CBD's benefits than with other product types.

That's because CBD fruit tarts, much like a CBD lozenge, are meant to be melted in the mouth, not swallowed directly. And believe it or not, that makes all the difference in the world!

Your mouth, specifically the area under your tongue, is highly absorptive. So by holding your now-melted CBD dose briefly in your mouth, the body is able to very rapidly and efficiently absorb a large portion of CBD, which puts it to work hard and fast.

For more on how this works, be sure to check out our in-depth guide to CBD bioavailability.

What Flavors of CBD Fruit Tarts are Available

When it comes to candy, flavor is king — and that's just as true with candy CBD as it is with traditional confections!

Luckily, there are some truly tasty and imaginative flavors out there. Just for a sampling, we've partnered with Lazarus Naturals to bring you a few of the absolute best tasting CBD hard candies on the market!

NOTE: As the name "tart" implies, all CBD Fruit Tarts lean towards a sour/tangy flavor profile, but you don't have to be a sour-phile to enjoy these mouthwatering treats.

Of course, that's not all you'll find in the world of CBD fruit tarts. After all, more and more CBD companies are putting out their own hard candy confections — and as more standouts emerge, you can expect to find all the latest and greatest here at CBD Choice!

CBD Fruit Tarts, In Closing

CBD fruit tarts have a lot going for them, with a variety of tasty flavors, bite-sized goodness, and easily customizable dosage. It's easy to see why they've become a staple of so many in the CBD community — including many of us here at the CBD Choice office!

CBD Choice is dedicated to bringing you the best of the best from all across the cannabis wellness world. We're pleased to stock Lazarus Naturals' entire line of candy CBD fruit tarts, including:

Regardless of your choice of flavor, these candy CBD fruit tarts are an enjoyable, convenient way to get your regular dose of CBD throughout the day!

So whether you're looking to add a little bit of enjoyment to your CBD routine or are just looking for a work-friendly way to top-off midday, then CBD fruit tarts are the perfect option for you. Try them today and treat yourself to a taste of the CBD sweet life.

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