Is there CBD for Cats?

Is there CBD for Cats?

We’ve seen the benefits of CBD reach far and wide: this cannabinoid aids in a variety of human ailments. So what about CBD for pets? You’ve no doubt read about dog owners giving their pets CBD oils and treats, but do the same luxuries apply to cat owners? You guessed it; the answer is yes! The effectiveness of CBD for cats can be just as enticing as for other pets. There are even a variety of CBD products specifically tailored for our feline friends, such as treats, topicals, and even CBD oil for cats. Let’s scratch below the surface to find the purr-fect CBDelights for the cat in your life!

How Do Cats Absorb CBD?

Cats are different from humans, so how do they absorb CBD? We know that humans possess an endocannabinoid system, also known as the ECS, within their nervous systems. The ECS contains a plethora of cannabinoid receptors that bind to CBD molecules entering the body. This is why CBD is so effective in humans.

However, all mammals have an ECS, not just humans! Your cats have the exact same system within their feline nervous systems, chock full of endocannabinoid receptors. In this way, all mammals absorb CBD in a similar manner.

Cat-Specific CBD Products

Because cats, dogs, and even humans absorb CBD in similar ways, it’s possible to give your cats CBD goods that are made for dogs. However, felines may better enjoy cat-specific CBD goods, as these products are tailored to a cat’s unique palette, sometimes flavored with salmon or catnip.

Cats are also smaller than dogs in general. Proper dosage – which is dependent on body size – can significantly affect the benefits of CBD your cat may experience. Sticking to cat-specific products increases your pet’s overall experience with cannabinoid treatment.

What are some of the CBD for cats products you can find at CBD Choice?

CBD Oil for Cats

If you’re looking to capitalize on the effectiveness of CBD in pets, then CBD oil for cats might be just right for you. Just like human versions of CBD oil, these pet CBD products come in tinctures with a dropper-top attachment. This makes administering CBD to your cats easier than ever:

  • Administer CBD sublingually (beneath the tongue).
  • Administer CBD orally in the mouth or throat.
  • Add CBD oil to your cat’s food dish.

You might be thinking, my cats won’t let me come near their mouths with a dropper full of CBD. Fret not, cat owners, because CBD brands understand the troubles of giving pets anything they’re unfamiliar with. CBD oil for cats is designed with their preferences in mind. At CBD Choice, you can find a variety of pet CBD oils, infused with cat-friendly flavors.

Salmon-Flavored CBD Oils

What cat doesn’t love salmon? At CBD Choice, we carry a variety of salmon-flavored CBD tinctures, perfect for your feline:

Catnip-Flavored CBD Oils

We all know that cats go buck wild for catnip. But did you know that you can buy catnip-infused CBD oil? We currently stock only one catnip-flavored CBD oil on our site – the Catnip CBD Oil by Paw CBD – but there are many more to come in the near future!

CBD Treats for Cats

Our pets love to get spoiled. Next time, spoil them with some CBD-infused cat treats! If you look through the CBD pet treats available online at CBD Choice, you’ll see that there’s only one designed specifically for cats: Paw CBD’s Chicken Flavored Catnip Soft Chews. And while these are a great option in the category of CBD for cats, what if your cat wants something different?

Don’t worry, because CBD companies actually design a wide range of pet treats that fit the needs of both dogs and cats. These hybrid CBD pet treats may only advertise for dogs on the package, but that’s because CBD for dogs is much more popular than CBD for cats. Some of these products include:

Depending on your cat’s preferences, any of these may be perfect for bringing your cat the powerful benefits of CBD treatment.

CBD Topicals for Cats

The effectiveness of CBD in animals is sometimes needed on the outside just as much as the inside. That’s where CBD topicals come into play: these CBD products can help your cats with external ailments like pain or inflammation.

Cat owners often complain about skin or hair conditions affecting their beloved felines. These CBD Choice-approved pet topicals for your cats help bring them the external effectiveness of CBD.

If none of these pet products fit your feline’s fancy, you can always opt for pre-dosed CBD pet capsules. However, this method is only recommended for cats that are accustomed to swallowing medications. Cat owners may find it difficult to get cats to swallow CBD capsules if they’ve never tried administering medications orally beforehand.

What Are the Benefits of CBD for Cats?

CBD treatment is no longer exclusive to just humans and dogs. Remember, all mammals – including dogs, cats, bears, bats, otters, or whatever your mammalian pet may be – possess an endocannabinoid system. They can take advantage of a CBD treatment, just like humans! The CBD for cats in your life is out there. Take a step towards a better, CBD-infused future for you and your beloved felines.

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