Immune to Edibles: Myth or Fact?

Immune to Edibles: Myth or Fact?

After consuming cannabis edibles, some individuals report feeling nothing at all. Can you be immune to edibles? What gives!

Edible cannabis products—popularly called "edibles"—are food items infused with cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, and THC. They're often sold in the form of gummies, cookies, and other delicious confections. However, users may NOT feel the effects of edibles for a variety of reasons. Personal physical attributes can influence the effects of these cannabis products, including:

  • High tolerance to cannabinoids in general
  • Body weight
  • Diet and exercise

According to a report in the Boston Globe, some individuals may even possess uncommon subtypes of an enzyme, negating intoxication after consuming cannabis edibles. Some have referred to this issue as being "ediblocked."

How Enzymes Influence Cannabis Ingestion

The enzyme—named CPY2C9—is responsible for breaking down THC molecules in the digestive tract. NOTE: edibles differ from other cannabis products because they're ingested through the digestive tract. As such, the cannabinoids found within the edible must be broken down in order to be absorbed by the body. That's where CPY2C9 enters the stage, helping get cannabinoids to enter the bloodstream!

For individuals with uncommon subtypes of this enzyme, however, the digestive tract is "too effective" at breaking down cannabinoids, turning them into waste instead. In turn, cannabinoids like CBD and THC are unable to metabolize.

Researchers discovered this phenomenon after running a number of biological tests. Studies depicted individuals with highly variant levels of THC in their blood after ingesting cannabis products. Using these tests, scientists honed in on the uncommon subtypes of CPY2C9 as the root cause for being immune to edibles.

Can Individuals With Uncommon Subtypes of CPY2C9 Still Take Edibles?

Yes, but users may not feel much at all. The uncommon subtypes of this enzyme make it difficult for these individuals to consume cannabis edibles. Luckily, there are endless ways to consume cannabis! If you feel immune to edibles, we suggest oil tinctures, topicals, or maybe even some pre-dose capsules.

Can Someone Be Immune to Edibles, Really?

Yes! And unfortunately, there is no cover-all answer to reverse this phenomenon. All of us are unique. If someone feels immune to edibles, they may have to find a solution on their own. Great news, though: CBD Choice has many tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your cannabis products!

How to Overcome Edible Immunity

Body Weight: Cannabinoids attach themselves to fat particles. Individuals with a lower body fat percentage may experience weaker effects from cannabis products. Likewise, body weight and fat content also influence how long cannabinoids stay in your system. Higher fat percentages will keep cannabinoids in your system longer.

Diet: Edibles are ingested via the digestive tract—we already know this! But did you know that dietary habits can influence the effects of cannabis? If you eat high-fat foods, it's possible that you can increase the efficacy of your cannabis products. We also suggest eating digestive-cleansing foods (ginger, leafy greens, raspberries, and so on) prior to taking edibles.

Tolerance: Defined as your body's ability to "tolerate" something. This term is often used to describe how much experience you have using a specific substance. CBD users with high tolerance often have to increase their dose to feel the same effects. In order to reduce your high tolerance to cannabinoids, you must practice intermittent breaks. Stop ingesting cannabis products for a few days at a time and try again!

Immune to Edibles: Definitely Fact!

No myths here: from what we can tell, it is certainly possible for an individual to be immune to edibles. This could be due to a variety of factors. Some people may have an incredibly high tolerance to cannabinoids, therefore feeling no effects after taking edibles. Others may, unfortunately, possess uncommon subtypes of the CPY2C9 enzyme.

No matter your relationship with edibles, remember that there are always ways to improve your daily cannabinoid regimen! Diet, exercise, and tolerance breaks can go a long way. What do you think about cannabis edibles, whether they be CBD, THC, or something else? Let us know in the comments!

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