High Fat Food & CBD: A Winning Combo

High Fat Food & CBD: A Winning Combo

CBD users are always looking for ways to optimize their experience, and food pairings are the talk of the town. It turns out that high fat food and CBD may be the winning combination you're looking for.

Research and user accounts agree: pairing high fat foods with CBD can increase the effectiveness of your dose and ensure that you're getting the very best that your chosen products have to offer!

This article covers the research on this CBD phenomenon, the health implications of a high fat diet, and where you can find rich, healthy fats in your CBD product selection!

Research on High Fat Food and CBD

Available research confirms it: eating foods rich in healthy fats can dramatically improve the effectiveness of your CBD dose.

This information comes from a 2018 research study coming out of the University of Minnesota. They tested the effectiveness of CBD capsules alone vs. CBD capsules paired with fatty foods.

The study's results were a powerful endorsement of pairing fats with CBD:

  • CBD absorption was dramatically increased when CBD was paired with high fat foods.
  • Compared to fasting, taking CBD with food increased CBD in the body by a full FOUR TIMES.
  • There were no differences in cognitive effects, meaning that CBD taken with fatty foods wouldn't increase anxiety or cause any adverse mental effects.

This means that fatty foods will dramatically increase the effectiveness of your CBD dose, CBD should always be taken when there's food in your stomach, and you don't need to worry about the fatty food pairing causing any adverse interactions with CBD.

That, to put it simply, is a remarkable endorsement. And it means that you should probably be pairing your CBD with fatty foods whenever possible.

Many CBD Products Already Have Healthy Fats

To take advantage of the synergy between high fat food and CBD, some users may need to adjust their daily diet.

But if you use CBD tinctures, then the effort may be lower than you think.

That's because many (if not most) CBD tinctures are made with MCT oil, a rich source of healthy fats that will boost your dose's effectiveness without any change to your diet!

Of course, it doesn't hurt to add a bit of extra fat to your diet. It'll only go further towards enhancing your CBD experience, keep you feeling fuller longer, and provide a rich source of energy throughout the day.

Still, if you're someone who doesn't want to think about your diet, MCT oil-based CBD tinctures may be the key to getting the results you're looking for!

But Isn't Fatty Food Bad For You? Not At All!

Many people are under the impression that high fat foods are bad for you. It's a common misconception, as (healthy) fats are an absolutely essential part of any healthy diet.

The trick is to choose the right fats.

  • Trans fats should be avoided. These have zero benefits to your diet and should not be present at all in your diet. In fact, they're formally banned within the United States!
  • Saturated fats should be moderated. Saturated fats are probably what you think of when you think of fats. Think cooled bacon grease. They're solid at room temperatures and can drive up your cholesterol when taken in excess. Still, some amount of saturated fat is perfectly fine, but you shouldn't get too much in your diet.
  • Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats are essential. This is what we mean by "healthy" fats. These are actually very healthy, and there's really no reason to moderate your intake. They come mostly from fruits and nuts, such as avocados, peanuts, olive oil, and more.

As long as you're sure to pair CBD with the right fats, there's simply no downside to taking high fat foods with CBD!

CBD and Keto Diets: A Match Made in Heaven

So, high fat foods enhance the effectiveness of CBD. That's good news for everyone who enjoys a bit of (healthy) fat indulgence, but even better for those pursuing a keto or other low-carb diet.

We've already covered how CBD can complement a keto lifestyle. But this new research makes the deal even sweeter, as healthy fats will stretch your CBD further, enhance its effects, and better help you enjoy all that CBD has to offer.

While keto diets are notoriously demanding, this bit of silver lining may be enough to help some keto dieters stick to their meal plan or even convince a few curious users to try taking the keto plunge.

Final Thoughts on High Fat Foods and CBD

The research is conclusive, and the verdict is in: pairing high fat food and CBD is a match made in heaven.

The combo will dramatically increase your body's ability to metabolize and use your dose of CBD, and users who pair the two will experience better results, stretch their CBD stash further, and save money in the long run.

But it's vital to pair CBD with healthy fats. Avoid trans fats at all costs, moderate your intake of saturated fats, but feel free to chow down on the healthy fats found in fruits, nuts, olive oil, and the like!

As a fan of keto diets, I can tell you that I'm absolutely thrilled by this news! And if you're looking to improve your diet and get the most out of CBD, there's no better opportunity than introducing a bit of healthy fat into your daily routine.

And even if you're uninterested in deliberately changing your diet, making the switch to a CBD tincture with an MCT oil base could make all the difference.

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