Combat Super Bowl Stress this Sunday

Combat Super Bowl Stress this Sunday

The Super Bowl comes but once a year, and as the week trudges on, the vigor of excitement crawls near. However, atop the rave of cheering and jeering, chugging and snuggling, the Super Bowl can also bring about a multitude of stresses. How? Well, this writer is a Seahawks fan, so he knows a thing or two about Super Bowl-related trauma.

You have Lynch in the backfield. I still can’t believe the call.

This year, however, we come equipped with enhanced knowledge of the human psyche, passing off our infinite sports-related wisdom to all with an inclination to hear. So here are our tips and tricks for combatting sports-related stress this Super Bowl Sunday.

Get Cookin’

According to psychologists, the act of cooking can actually impact your health, and the benefits go beyond simply the nutritional. That’s right, cooking can actually impact your mental health, occupying your mind and your hands towards a singular goal: serving up the best guacamole or flaming hot wings imaginable.

The 49ers can’t get the ball past the 1? What a shame, go make some dip.

Lucky for you, we’ve got the best CBD-infused Super Bowl recipes ready to go. Impress all your friends and family this Sunday with an extra cannabinoid-infused umph.

Doggy, Doggy What Now?

The Super Bowl also brings about the ever-popular Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. Let me tell you: there’s no shame in leaving the room and getting a few minutes of puppy-induced happiness, especially when the 49ers just got sacked for 21 (can you tell who I’m rooting for yet?).

According to a report published in 2017, seeing and interacting with pets — especially dogs — can increase your base happiness, effectively reducing stress. Happiness is obviously a subjective emotion, but who doesn’t love puppies?

CBD, obviously

We are firm believers in the ways of cannabidiol, for obvious reasons. CBD can be used to effectively influence your stress levels this Super Bowl Sunday, and your options are endless! For some relaxing, aromatherapeutic relief, we recommend applying some CBD topicals, infused with all your favorite essential oils and botanical extracts.

If you’re looking for something less exterior, wake up with your favorite CBD oil tinctures, known throughout the industry as the most effective dose of CBD.

Even further, you can indulge in some delicious, natural CBD-infused edibles, including gummies, chocolate, and even hard candies such as lozenges. Want to really impress your Super Bowl party-goers? Serve up a bowl of CBD edibles and relieve everyone’s stress, all at once!

Relaxation & Sports: An Unseen Matrimony

Sports are notoriously high-energy, full of life and spectacle. However, that doesn’t mean that watching them has to induce high levels of stress. Instead, sit back and enjoy your time with your friends and family and gaze in wonder at the hard-working teams before your eyes. Even laugh at a few commercials, who knows, maybe it’s a Tide ad.

Whoever you’re rooting for, CBD Choice has your back. We’re happy to support both sides of this glorious American equation.

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