CBD For Focus And Concentration

CBD For Focus And Concentration

Have you ever felt fatigued? We'd stake a wager on YES. We are human, after all. But did you know that cannabidiol (CBD) has many users feeling wakeful, alert, and more rested than ever before?

According to a 2014 study by Current Neuropharmacology:

"This compound [CBD] has raised promising pharmacological properties as a wake-inducing drug." 

For this study, scientists administered CBD to rats via i.c.v. injection. Their results: CBD increased overall wakefulness, observed about one hour post-injection. It was also observed to increase gene expression in wake-related areas of the brain. Although unclear, the report hypothesized that an increase in dopamine—said to cause feelings of motivation, concentration, and euphoria—may be responsible.

But it goes deeper.

As you may already know, the benefits of CBD reach far and wide. This hemp-derived compound is often linked to homeostasis, defined as the tendency for our minds and bodies to strive for equilibrium: a physiological state of balance. This largely takes place in your endocannabinoid system, located in the central nervous system.

Because CBD promotes homeostasis, it can improve mental clarity and reduce neurological feelings of discomfort. These feelings include anxiety, depression, stress, and beyond. In fact, CBD is linked to prominent anxiolytic properties. This, in turn, allows you to use CBD products like CBD oil or CBD gummies to improve your focus.

The Best CBD Products For Focus & Concentration

There are a lot of CBD products out there. It is vital to choose CBD oil or other products that work to improve your focus, increase energy levels and concentration, as well as boost overall motivation. It's also important to keep in mind that there are many different types of CBD. Namely: full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD products.

Full Spectrum & Broad Spectrum Products: Why They Matter

When trying to maximize the benefits of CBD, you must consider both full spectrum and broad spectrum products. A few key factors characterize Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum products. First and foremost, both derive from a whole-plant extraction of the hemp plant. You see, hemp plants contain A LOT of natural compounds, not just CBD. These compounds include other cannabinoids like CBG and CBN, terpenes, flavonoids, amino acids, and even essential fatty acids.

These compounds work in combination with CBD molecules (once inside your body) to further promote homeostasis. When talking about cannabinoids, this has been referred to as the Entourage Effect.

The Entourage Effects dictates that full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD works to further improve homeostasis, therefore increasing mental clarity and reducing anxiety. As we mentioned earlier, anxiety reduction increases your ability to concentrate, focus, and may even improve sleep cycles which, in turn, improves daily motivation. Wow!

The only difference between full spectrum and broad spectrum products? Hemp plants naturally contain 0.3% THC, primarily associated with marijuana and known as CBD's intoxicating cousin. Full spectrum CBD products retain this 0.3% THC (which some believe is vital to the Entourage Effect), while broad spectrum CBD products have the THC removed.

NOTE: 0.3% THC by dry weight is not nearly enough to get you "high" nor trigger a failed drug test for marijuana.

CBD Oil: Mental Clarity, Bottled

One of the most popular CBD products of all time, CBD oil encapsulates the CBD for focus mentality. It provides a simple, easy, and adaptive approach to CBD dosage and administration.

When attempting to improve your focus, we recommend using full spectrum CBD oil because it allows you to take full advantage of everything hemp has to offer. In addition, the Entourage Effect exacerbates the benefits of CBD in a way you can feel for yourself.

When choosing a CBD oil for increased energy levels, you should also pay attention to the carrier oils included. On their own, CBD molecules cannot bind directly to endocannabinoid receptors—they need a friendly boost provided by carrier oils. Full or broad spectrum extracts are infused directly into these carrier oils, which "carry" hemp-derived compounds to receptors and allow them to interact with one another.

The most common carrier oil is fractionated coconut oil (MCT). It also happens to be our CBD for focus recommendation on carrier oils! You see, MCT favors medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) over the long-chain fatty acids found in regular coconut oil. MCFAs are a great way to boost energy levels, increasing motivation and concentration quickly!MCFAs are a great way to quickly boost energy levels, further increasing motivation and concentration!

View a complete, curated collection of CBD oil tinctures and more at CBD Choice!

CBD Gummies: Eat Your Way To Motivation!

What's better than candy? Candy that's good for you!

With CBD gummies, you can access pre-dosed, delicious CBD products from anywhere. Natural sugars offer a slight uptick in energy levels as well, increasing your overall concentration. Plus, many CBD gummies come infused with additional superfoods, boosting cognitive performance!

CBDfx Turmeric & Spirulina CBD Gummy Bears offer award-winning, broad spectrum CBD gummies with two of the greatest super-ingredients known to humanity! Turmeric is a potent antioxidant that can boost brain protein production, increasing cognitive health. Spirulina is known to curb oxidative stress and increase energy levels.

We also recommend Social CBD's Red Raspberry Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies and GoGreen Hemp's CBD Peach Rings when choosing CBD for focus!

CBD Capsules: The Easiest Boost in Energy Levels

CBD capsules, like CBD gummies, are pre-dosed and easy-to-use. However, they offer a simpler solution to accessing the benefits of CBD. It can't be easier than swallowing a pill, right! But what about picking the right CBD capsules to improve your focus?

CBD Choice recommends the A.M. CBD Capsules With Caffeine. Each capsule offers 15mg of award-winning hemp extract infused with 78mg of ethical caffeine, nearing a cup of coffee. CBD and caffeine work to promote alertness, wakefulness, and allow you to improve your focus throughout the day!

Combining CBD With Other Concentration Techniques

CBD products aren't the only way to improve your focus. In fact, you can use CBD in combination with other proven focus-boosting techniques. This will allow you to take advantage of the full spectrum of benefits CBD has to offer. Furthermore, you'll become an expert in shaking off lethargy.

CBD & Meditation: Common meditation techniques can help you to reduce stress, better manage anxiety, promote mental clarity, enhance self-awareness, lengthen attention span, improve memory, reset sleep cycles, and more. In combination with the wakefulness-promoting properties of CBD, meditation could unlock new realms of concentration, upping your attention span.

CBD & Nature Walks: Believe it or not, going outside has innumerable benefits for focus, concentration, and more. Take CBD and go exploring, touch some trees, say hi to some birds, and so on. And this isn't just our hippy opinion, either! Scientists believe that natural experiences boost cognitive function, including—you guessed it—improved focus! Implement some natural CBD products into the mix, and you have one motivating nature hike.

CBD & Exercise: Working out is believed to be one of the most effective strategies for increasing cognitive performance and improving concentration. Plus, CBD and exercise are a perfect pairing! Many CBD users already use a variety of CBD products as pre-workout or post-workout supplements.

Is CBD For Focus Right For You?

When deciding if CBD for focus is right for you, it's important to first understand how CBD affects you personally. Some CBD users experience sleepy side effects after ingestion, contrary to a focus-boosting experience. But don't worry, scientists from the Current Neuropharmacology report (mentioned earlier) faced this issue as well.

They concluded that CBD may be greatly influenced by the route of administration, as well as the type of CBD in question. At the low doses used during their study, tiredness was never observed. However, others report higher doses of CBD leading to more relaxation-inducing properties.

In addition, oral administration of CBD is recommended to improve your focus. CBD topicals, applied directly to the skin, may not activate enough receptors within the endocannabinoid system to fully activate the potential focus-boosting properties of CBD. Fans of CBD topicals and CBD vape products should instead expect to experience more relaxing, sleep-inducing effects!

But remember: everyone is unique. A million people can respond differently to the same CBD product! Always take dosages you are familiar with, increasing gradually until you experience the desired benefits of CBD.

Do you have experience using CBD for focus, concentration, motivation, and more? Tell us about your experience in the comments.

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