CBD Choice 4th of July Sale: Prepare Your Pets for Independence Day!

CBD Choice 4th of July Sale: Prepare Your Pets for Independence Day!

Independence Day is right around the corner, complete with friends and family, BBQ, and fireworks. However, our furry family members don’t quite feel the same about this celebratory holiday: cats and dogs often perceive the loudness of fireworks as a threat.

Luckily, CBD Choice has just what you need to prepare your canine companions and feline friends for the upcoming festivities! CBD for pets has been shown to reduce anxiety in animals, decreasing restlessness, panting, whining, and tremors.

The CBD Choice 4th of July sale offers a great opportunity to introduce CBD into your pet’s wellness regimen. With 20% OFF ALL PRODUCTS SITEWIDE, for pets or humans alike, it’s more affordable than ever to see what CBD can do for your beloved animal companions.

Just enter the discount code “USA20” at checkout to receive your discount!

We always want what’s best for our cuddly companions, and CBD for pets may be what they need to endure Independence Day free from anxiety and the fear of fireworks. Plus, CBD Choice offers a variety of CBD pet products so you can find the perfect product for your household pet!

  • CBD Pet Treats: the most popular CBD-infused pet product, CBD treats allow your pets to enjoy a delicious, savory snack while ingesting healthy and effective CBD oil. These CBD pet treats are pre-dosed based on the size of your animal, offering the perfect dose every time. Plus, CBD-infused treats come in flavors that are perfect for cats and dogs!
  • CBD Oil For Pets: a more classic approach, CBD oil for pets allows you to dose your pets directly. Pet CBD oil is often flavored with chicken, beef, or other meats, so your pets will love the taste!
  • CBD Capsules For Pets: these CBD capsules are for pet owners who want CBD for pets, but with less of the flash. Unflavored, pre-dosed, cost-effective: CBD pet capsules have everything you need for an easy CBD treatment option for your beloved pets!

CBD Choice strives to offer a diverse selection of CBD-infused pet products so you can find exactly what you need for your pooches and pumas. And fear not: the majority of our pet products are THC-free. We’d never want you thinking you’re giving your pets something that will get them high, because CBD pet products are free from intoxicating side effects, guaranteed.

Safe, effective, and sure to help your beloved pets feel a bit less stressed about the upcoming festivities, CBD Choice pet products are committed to providing your animals with exactly what they need to overcome anxiety, shakes, and whining related to the loud noises associated with the holiday. And with 20% off all products sitewide, pet and otherwise, you’re sure to find everything for your needs. Happy Independence!

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