All About CBD Candles: FAQs and DIYs

All About CBD Candles: FAQs and DIYs

The CBD world is no stranger to innovation. From exciting new products unlike anything else to imaginative spins on timeless classics, CBD connoisseurs are doing it all. Now, one recent innovation is taking the spotlight: CBD candles.

What makes CBD candles special? What benefits do they offer? And can you make them yourself?

In this article, we cover all this and more, giving you everything you need to know about these exciting new CBD products.

Let's dive into the world of CBD candles!

What Are CBD Candles?

CBD candles, as the name implies, are candles infused with CBD.

Just like traditional candles, they come in all shapes, sizes, and scents, and are made from a combination of wax and oils.

And with the right combination of ingredients, CBD candles can create a powerfully pleasant and relaxing atmosphere to match any mood or occasion.

Even more, CBD candles may be able to offer some of the therapeutic benefits of CBD, making your aromatic candles more relaxing than ever before!

The Benefits of CBD Candles

So CBD candles smell delicious, but what makes them stand out from the traditional candles you know and love?

Simple: CBD candles can infuse your home with several of the therapeutic benefits that CBD has to offer.

CBD is known to offer several powerful benefits to mental health, mood, and comfort.

  • CBD has strong anti-anxiety properties
  • CBD can help relieve stress
  • CBD can reduce pain and inflammation

What's more, CBD actually works best when inhaled in a vapor or smoke. That's because of CBD bioavailability. In short, the lungs are far more absorptive than other ingestion methods, which means that the body will benefit from inhalable CBD faster and will benefit more from the dose.

Combining candles' aromatherapeutic potential with CBD's therapeutic benefits is a recipe for success. These innovative takes on a timeless classic can kick your relaxation routine into overdrive and enhance your chill like never before.

Will CBD Candles Make Your Home Smell Like Pot?

Despite the fact that CBD candles are infused with hemp extract, they won't suddenly make your home smell like marijuana.

That's because CBD products use hemp extracts, not raw plant material. As such, they don't have most of the terpenoids and other compounds that are responsible for cannabis's distinctive aroma.

Of course, many CBD oils do have a taste and odor of their own. Choosing the right "flavor" of CBD oil can add a fruity twist, a citrus bite, or any other flavor you please!

But if you want to minimize CBD's impact on the smell of your favorite candle mix, just use a 100% THC-free CBD Oil, or even CBD Isolate Powder for your DIY CBD candle creations!

Making Your Own CBD Candles

More vendors are offering their own CBD candles, but you can get in on the fun, too!

Making your own CBD candles is easy, cost-effective, and fun. What's more, it allows you to customize your aromatherapeutic, CBD-infused candles with scents that perfectly match your preferences.

But to have the best DIY experience, there are a few important tips to keep in mind.

Pick the Right Scents

With candles of any sort, picking the wrong scent is a recipe for disappointment.

That's just as true with CBD-infused candles. Be sure to pick scents that go along with your own preference.

You should also be sure to choose scents based on how you intend to use the CBD candle. For instance, lavender is a great scent for relaxation but may not be ideal if you're looking for an invigorating aromatherapy experience.

We'll leave it to the experts to guide you in selecting your scents, but guides like this one are a great place to start!

Choose the Right CBD Products

There's no shortage of CBD products to choose from, and almost any of them make for a great DIY CBD candle option.

The best ones are likely going to include:

  • CBD oils and tinctures
  • CBD isolate powder
  • CBD coconut oil

However, we recommend not using most CBD topicals, as those often contain other ingredients that may not be safe for burning in CBD candles. Other products such as CBD vapes should similarly be avoided, as the consistency may not be ideal for mixing with your wax or another  candle base.

Find Your Ideal CBD Dosage

This one can be a little tricky, even more so for CBD candles than for most other products!

Different CBD dosages are appropriate for different uses. For example, fighting anxiety and stress may demand a different dose than reducing pain and inflammation. Even more so, different people will require different doses for a given purpose.

Ultimately, only firsthand experience can determine what dose is right for your needs and intended uses. If you have experience with other CBD products, then that's probably your best early indicator of where to start.

But CBD candles make finding the right CBD dose even trickier. Consider the following factors:

  • CBD candles are inhaled, making them more like CBD vapes than like CBD oils.
  • You probably won't be burning the entire candle in a single sitting.
  • Whatever proportion of the candle you burn, you won't actually be inhaling the entirety of that dose; some will go wherever the scent of the candle reaches.

These and more factors just reinforce one thing: finding the right CBD potency for your CBD candles is going to take some trial and error. Which leads us to our last point.

Practice Makes Perfect

Like most things in life, making the perfect CBD candle is going to take some practice.

Don't get frustrated if your first attempt isn't perfect. Instead, focus on improving your DIY candles with each attempt. After a while, you'll be making the perfect product for your needs!

Here are some guidelines:

  • First, focus on your raw materials. It's easier to refine your choice of scent and CBD products than it is to perfect your dose.
  • Play around with different sizes of candle, and consider starting with smaller-sized ones while you're working out the kinks.
  • Perfecting your CBD dosage is probably going to take the most trial and error. Don't stress if your first few attempts don't work precisely as intended. Instead, focus on making incremental changes until you find the dose that works for your needs.

CBD Choice's DIY CBD Candle Recipe

Here's a simple recipe for CBD candles that'll get you started off right.

Note that the recipe assumes you're using a 14-1oz mason jar to hold your melted wax. Feel free to use a different size (preferably smaller for your first few attempts); just be sure to adjust the amount of wax you use accordingly.

What You'll Need

  • Mason jar (14-16oz)
  • Candle wick
  • ~1lb of candle wax, your choice of scents
  • A double boiler (can be improvised)
  • A food thermometer
  • Your choice of CBD product
  • Hot glue gun (or another way to secure wick to base of mason jar)

What To Do

  1. Secure the wick at the base of your mason jar.
  2. Place the double boiler on the stove and melt the candle wax over medium-low heat.
  3. Once wax is completely melted, remove it from heat. Allow the wax to cool to ~120 degrees Fahrenheit.
  4. Add your dose of CBD product to the wax, then stir until well-integrated.
  5. Secure the wick to prevent it from falling into the wax mixture, then add your CBD + wax mixture into the mason jar.
  6. Stabilize the wick perpendicular to the base of the mason jar, then allow the wax to cool completely.
  7. Trim your wick, leaving a little more than ½ inch above the top of the cooled wax.

Of course, there are many other ways to make your CBD candles, and virtually any traditional DIY candle can easily be made into a CBD-infused treat!

For instance, consider making a simple coconut oil candle. This might just be the simplest method, and there is even CBD-infused coconut oil that you can use to take out virtually all of the effort.

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