A Guide to the Best CBD Patches

A Guide to the Best CBD Patches

One of the most misunderstood CBD products, CBD patches – also known as CBD transdermal patches – offer a unique cannabinoid delivery method. The idea is simple: manufacturers outfit a transdermal patch with your favorite CBD oils. Once you've applied the patch to your skin, it works just like other CBD topicals! As a result, CBD patches potentially offer up to 12 hours of nonstop pain relief.

But when it comes to these fascinating products, there's more than meets the eye. For starters, hemp extract-infused CBD patches are NOT comparable to nicotine patches. This is a common misconception, sometimes pushing users away from CBD transdermal patches. However, CBD topical patches offer benefits like other CBD products. Nicotine patches, on the other hand, are used for smoking cessation, not as a daily wellness supplement.

Furthermore, CBD patches offer an interesting delivery method:

  1. The CBD transdermal patch is applied to your skin.
  2. Patches take a few minutes to kick in, slowly releasing CBD oils into the subdermal layers of your skin.
  3. After permeating the subdermal layers, the hemp extract enters your bloodstream.
  4. Once enough CBD molecules have reached your nervous system, you'll begin to feel the benefits of CBD you know and love!

How Are CBD Topical Patches Similar to Other CBD Topicals?

Believe it or not, when you apply CBD topicals like lotions or balms, they use a very similar delivery method! When rubbed on the skin, hemp extract-infused topicals permeate the subdermal layers of your skin. Scientists have even found endocannabinoid receptors in your skin, denoting the importance of CBD topicals when it comes to pain relief.

There is one major difference between CBD transdermal patches and CBD topicals, however. CBD topicals offer targeted pain relief to specific areas of the body, much like patches. But CBD patches last much, much longer. Transdermal patches are designed for the slow administration of medicines and supplements. And as we mentioned above, CBD patches may still actively administer CBD oils for up to 12 hours. Pretty neat, huh?

Frequently Asked Questions About CBD Patches

Looking for a CBD patch FAQ? Don't worry, CBD Choice has you covered! As we stated earlier, there seems to be some confusion regarding these interesting cannabinoid products. That's why we're here to help by answering the most frequently asked questions about CBD transdermal patches.

Do CBD Patches Actually Work?

Yes, of course! But it does make sense that this question gets asked a lot. CBD patches are all about the slow release of hemp extract into your system. Sometimes, it can take up to an hour or more for a transdermal patch to release enough CBD oil into your system. Depending on your body type, it can take longer for a CBD topical patch to take effect.

If you've had a previous experience where you felt CBD patches didn't work, try leaving one on your skin for a little longer. We expect you'll be delighted with the new results!

How Long Does it Take for CBD Patches to Kick in?

It depends on your body type, weight, and a variety of other factors. Human beings are all unique. As such, we have unique nervous systems (the area of the brain where CBD oils give us the most benefits). We also have different sizes, weights, activity levels, and more.

All of these factors can affect CBD patches. When using a transdermal delivery method, the most important factor is time. It's a marathon, not a sprint! However, if you'd like to sprint, we suggest our selection of CBD oil tinctures or CBD vape products, as those tend to offer quick benefits.

What Are the Side Effects of CBD Patches?

CBD topical patches carry the same potential side effects as other CBD products. Please note: CBD is known to have very few – if any – side effects in general. CBD oils are known as some of the most well-tolerated supplements on the market. However, some side effects may occur when using CBD patches or another CBD-infused product:

  • Dry mouth
  • Drowsiness
  • Fatigue
  • Changes in appetite

In addition, transdermal patches may spark allergic reactions in some users, but this is a side effect of transdermal patches, not hemp extracted CBD. If skin irritation occurs while using a CBD topical patch, please discontinue use or switch to a patch made from a different material.

The Best CBD Patches Available at CBD Choice!

Now that we've answered the internet's most pressing questions regarding these topical patches let's get to the fun! What are the best CBD-infused patches available at CBD Choice? Check out our rankings below and find a new patch worth trying.

CBD-Infused Patch by Social CBD

  • Strength: 20mg, 60mg, or 100mg
  • Cost: $7.99 – $19.99
  • Our Ranking: 9.5 / 10

Get yours today!

Quick, long-lasting, versatile– these are the terms that come to mind when describing the CBD-Infused Patch, made possible for Social CBD. This industry-leading CBD transdermal patch comes in three strength options to fit a variety of needs. Furthermore, Social CBD made these transdermal patches with two simple ingredients: CBD hemp extract and a polymer blend (to craft the patch). For targeted, all-day pain relief, this CBD-infused patch is the best of the best.

Topical Reservoir Patch by CBD Living

  • Strength: 60mg
  • Cost: $14.99 (currently out of stock, but more on the way!)
  • Our Ranking: 9 / 10

Check it out here!

Advertised as 96 hours of pain relief (WOW), the Topical Reservoir Patch by CBD Living is one of our best-selling CBD transdermal patches. Not only does it offer a potent 60mg of extended CBD delivery, but it also defines a new meaning of the word "simplistic." Never before have you seen a simpler CBD delivery method with this much effectiveness. Crafted with THC-free hemp extract, the Topical Reservoir Patch sets the gold standard for CBD patches everywhere.

Elite Transdermal Patch by Mary's Nutritionals

  • Strength: 10mg
  • Cost: ON SALE FOR $6.99 (limited time only!)
  • Our Ranking: 8.5 / 10

Learn more today!

Mary's Medicinals is one of the leading cannabinoid treatment brands in the world! No one has more passion for their products. But brand names aside, their Elite Transdermal Patch speaks for itself. Offering an all-day microdose of 10mg of CBD hemp extract, this transdermal patch offers ease of use in an otherwise flashy market– can you believe what they're infusing with CBD these days?! Furthermore, the Elite Transdermal Patch is affordable, accessible, and formulated with care. That's Mary's way.

Are CBD Patches Right for Me?

Did you find a CBD patch that seems right for you? Let us know in the comments! Furthermore, let's review everything we've learned about the fascinating CBD transdermal patch, one of the lesser-known products on the health and wellness market.

CBD patches…

  • Allow for at least 12 hours of pain relief, depending on the patch used.
  • Offer a unique CBD delivery method by targeting receptors in the subdermal layers of your skin.
  • Come in a variety of potencies so you can find the perfect patch for you.
  • Have the same side effects as other CBD products.
  • Can take up to one hour or more to offer the benefits of CBD (so be patient).
  • Are NOT like nicotine patches (which are used for smoking cessation).
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