5 Tips For Helping Anxious Dogs With Pet Relief CBD Oil

5 Tips For Helping Anxious Dogs With Pet Relief CBD Oil

Does CBD oil help dogs with anxiety? Current scientific research points to “yes.” There are quite a few pet relief CBD oil products on the market these days, and many pet owners swear by them.

CBD is a safe, legal compound derived from the cannabis plant. If you’re looking for a new anxiety treatment for your pet, CBD is definitely worth a try.

Follow these tips to get the most out of your CBD treatment for your pet:

1. Use Tinctures

Just like people, every dog has their own unique body chemistry. With that in mind, it’s wise to start with a small dose and then work your way up. That way you can find your pet’s comfort zone and see what type of dosage provides relief.

While edibles are great for humans, pet relief CBD oil tinctures allow you to dose your pet on a drop-by-drop basis, giving you more control. Just put a drop or two in your pet’s food dish or favorite treat, and then monitor them to see the results.

2. Shop Organic Products

Whether you’re buying CBD for your dog or for yourself, avoid products that may contain pesticides and other undesirable additions. This is especially true when it comes to animals, as they tend to be more sensitive to potentially harmful ingredients. Play it safe by only using organic CBD products made specifically for animals.

Organic dog treats

3. Know Your Source

Does CBD oil help dogs with anxiety? The answer might be “no” if you’re not shopping smart. As you shop for pet relief CBD oil, realize that not all products are the same. There are plenty of off brands that sell low-quality products that may not work at all, not to mention the fact that they could be dangerous. Stick with trusted brands and retailers — if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

4. Do Your Research

While countless pet owners have praised CBD for treating anxiety in pets, it’s not a guaranteed cure. Some pets may require other treatments, so don’t assume that giving them CBD is the only solution. You may want to speak with your vet beforehand to ensure that pet relief CBD oil is an appropriate choice, as severe anxiety issues (or other health problems) may require stronger alternatives.

5. Dose Properly

While you may need to experiment to find your pet’s ideal dosage, a general rule of thumb is that you should give them one drop per 10 pounds of body weight. Of course, that dosage may vary depending on the potency of your CBD product. Always check the label for information on dosing, and when in doubt, start with a low dose. While CBD is safe, too much may cause mild side effects such as drowsiness or lethargy.

Shop Quality Pet Relief CBD Oil

Here at CBD Choice, we carry a wide variety of CBD oils formulated specifically for pets. Our carefully curated inventory only includes top-of-the-line products that are trusted by veterinarians, CBD industry professionals, and the CBD community as a whole.

If you’re looking for a natural treatment to help your dog with anxiety, CBD is a fantastic and affordable option. Try our high-quality CBD products today, and give both you and your pet the gift of a peaceful mind.

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